Types of dotted condoms

Types of dotted condoms

Condoms are redundant only when a couple is trying to get pregnant. If not, one can't skip over a condom just like that every time he/she has sex. Because sex without condoms may surprise you with Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD's) and Superfluous pregnancies. Condoms are the best contraception, in order to thwart the sperms making contact with eggs and prevent Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD's). So condoms must be worn every time, no matter, whether you are having oral sex or vaginal penetration. 

Even today many people are not aware that there are varieties of condoms and high possibilities that they get carried away by the conventional condoms. But that's not true. There are a whole lot of varieties of condoms available and you can order condoms online of that sort in India. The main drawback with the conventional condom is that some people are allergic to latex condoms and some feel that it reduces sexual pleasure. Yeah! that may be true. Because of which people eventually lose their interest in sex and get hit by the sexual boredom. But not anymore! Now get out of the sexual boredom and give life to your artful bedroom stories and dreams with the different types of dotted condoms. Condoms with the help of modern technology have undergone astonishing transformations, just to beat the sexual boredoms. Isn't it exciting? Do you know that condoms come in different types of texture? If you don't, then make yourself familiar about shycart where you can find a wide and immense range of condoms. Now condom comes in different brands and different types such as Flavoured Condoms, Dotted Condoms, Ribbed Condoms, Thin Condoms, long-lasting condom, coloured condoms and latex condom, etc. In this article, as the title suggests, we will be discussing the dotted condoms and types of dotted condoms.

What is a Dotted Condom?

Condoms, basically, are a sheath made of latex or rubber to bolster the protected sex. So dotted condoms are just the condoms with small rigid protruding dots on its outer surface. The main purpose of dotted condoms is to increase sexual pleasure. These tiny dots on the contour stimulate will rub against the erogenous spot inside the vagina.

Types of Dotted condoms

1. Plain Dotted condoms - The plain dotted condom is nothing just a condom with dots on its outer surface.
2. Dotted and Flavoured condoms - These are a special type of condoms that are specially fabricated for those who don't like the raw latex odour and want to have oral sex.
3. Dotted and ribbed condoms - Dotted and Ribbed condoms are designed strategically to increase sexual pleasure as it will have both ribs and dots on its contour.
4. Extra time and dotted condoms - Who would refuse a condom that could prolong the sex without compromising the pleasure? Even a Mad-man will go mad for it. Yes, these dotted condoms contain specially formulated lubricant to delay the ejaculation. You can also buy lubes for extend and delaying your climax.
5. 2064 dotted condoms - These are just normal dotted condom but in more number. Yes, this type of condoms will have 2064 dots to be precise.
6. Super Dotted Condoms - Super dotted condoms are manufactured in a delicately appealing way to have 50% bigger dots than the normal condoms.

7. Flavoured, Extra Time and Super Dotted condoms - Triple treat in a single condom. These type of condoms are flavoured and super dotted just to make the lovemaking much more exhilarating with special lubricants which make you last longer in bed. 

8. Ribbed and Super dotted condoms - Ribbed texture and 50% bigger dots in a condom. These condoms will make your wildest dream become true. 

9. 1500 dots - Just like 2064 dotted condoms these condoms will have 1500 dots on its outer surface.

10. Flavoured and 1500 dots - Double dhamaka in a single condom. Everything is extra in this condoms be it dots or flavour.

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Modified on 25 Jun, 2020

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