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Condom Price in India

There is an extensive range of condoms to choose from and today one is spoilt by choice. Here is an article that takes you through the prices of the condoms available today.

Usually, condoms start from Rs.60 for a pack of 10 pieces and they range till Rs. 599. Average, per condom price ranges from Rs.6 to Rs.60. This is extremely reasonable and of the best quality condom in India. From ribbed and dotted to flavoured, extra thin, and extended pleasure, discover our skillfully designed range of condoms that will strengthen your sexual experience.

Thin Condom Prices

Some of the best thin condoms include Durex feel thin, Moods ultra-thin, Skore skin thin, KamaSutra super thin, Okamoto ultra-thin and Carex super thin. Average per piece price of the condom ranges from Rs.10 to Rs.60. Okamoto Super Ultra-thin condoms start from Rs.100 for a pack of 10 condoms and they range till Rs.599 per 10 condoms.


Flavored Condom Prices

Skore and Manforce flavoured condoms are the best flavoured condoms in India. Both these brands have an extensive variety of flavours to choose from such as Apple, Banana, Butterscotch, Bubblegum, Cherry, Chocolate, Coffee, Black Grapes, Vanilla, Jasmine, Orange, Pineapple, Strawberry and many more to name a few. Flavoured condoms start from Rs.60 for a pack of 10 pieces and they range till Rs. 165 for 10 condoms. Average per piece price of condom range from Rs.6 to Rs.60. 


Best Long Lasting Condom Prices

Climax delay condoms include KamaSutra long last and Moods all night, Durex Extended Pleasure and Skore Not Out condom to name a few. It starts at Rs.80 on an average, per piece price of condom ranges from Rs.8.


Best Dotted Condom Prices

Best dotted condoms include KamaSutra dotted, Silver Moods dotted, Moods 1500 dots, Durex excites me, Skore raised dots, Carex Power Shot, Carex Rough and a tough condom to name a few. These condoms on an average start from Rs.80 and average per piece price of condom ranges from Rs.8.


Best Ribbed Condom Prices

Some of the best ribbed condoms are moods ribbed condom, kamasutra ribbed condom and durex pleasure me condoms. This type of condom starts from Rs.100 and average per piece price of condom ranges from Rs.10

Best Dotted & Ribbed Condom Prices

Dotted & Ribbed condoms brands are available in Durex, Moods, KamaSutra, Carex and Manforce. It starts at Rs.100 and average per piece price of condom ranges from Rs.10.



Extra Time Condom Prices

Kohinoor Xtra Time comes with the specially formulated lubricant and per condom the price is Rs.7 and pack of 10 condoms cost Rs.72.

Female Condoms Price

The velvet female condoms are priced at the best price of Rs. 100 for a single pack of female condoms (3 pieces) and two pack of condoms (6 pieces) at Rs.190.

  Velvet female condoms

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Kamasutra ribbed condom 12s x 2


KamaSutra Longlast - Climax Delay - Extended Pleasure Condoms 12's


Kamasutra honeymoon surprise condoms gift pack


Moods ultra thin condom 12s


Kamasutra skyn original non-latex -6sx2


Velvet female condoms for women (ladies condom) x pack of 2.

200 195

Skore chocolate flavoured condom 10's pack


Skore not out climax delay - Dotted condoms 10's pack


Skore Raised Dots - Extra Lubricated Condom 10's


Skore Cherry Flavoured Condoms 10's pack


Moods silver electrify condom pack of 12 condoms


Skore zig zag dotted & ribbed condoms 10's


Skore Timeless Climax Delay - Zig Zag Textured Condoms 10's Pack


Kohinoor xtra time pleasure condoms combo pack of 2 - 20 condoms

198 192

Kohinoor pink condom 10s x 2

160 155

Okamoto Skinless Skin Ultrathin Condoms


Manforce Sunny Edition Condoms


Okamoto 0.03 Platinum Super Ultra thin condoms


Playgard More Time- Chocolate Flavored - Super Dotted Condoms 3's x 3


Invigra Combo - Strawberry and Chocolate Condoms


Invigra Hi Performance Extra Time and Max Pleasure Condoms


KamaSutra Orgasmax 4 in 1 Multi Textured Condoms 12's Pack


Durex Air Ultra Thin Condom 10's pack


Playgard more time super dotted strawberry flavored condom 3s X 3

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