Disadvantages of a Condom

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Condoms have become an integral part and an inevitable thing in every single human being's sexual life. Condoms can't be overlooked every time he/she has sex. Because condoms are one of the best contraception methods used around the globe. Condoms help in the protection against pregnancy and Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs). But nothing in the universe is perfect and condoms are not exceptional though. Condoms are 98% effective if and only if it is used in a perfect manner. In reality, condoms are only 85% effective which is solely due to human errors. So,

Here are the Disadvantages of a Condom

Allergic to Latex

Some might be allergic to latex material from which almost all condoms are made. However, there are other types of condoms which are made out of Polyurethane or Lambskin. And these condoms are a little bit expensive than regular condoms.

Decreased Sexual Pleasure and Sensation 

The decreased pleasure and sensation is a loud concern among couples when using a condom. Many couples are worried about the fact that condoms decrease sexual stimulation when they buy condoms for birth control.

Lubricant Compatible

Not all available condoms in the market are compatible with the lubricants which forces you to buy lubes that are condom compatible. For instance, latex condoms cannot be used with oil-based lubricants. Because the oil-based lubricants will deteriorate the latex and consequently, condom breaks while vaginal intercourse.

Excessive Friction causes Condom Breakage

Women, sometimes, will not lubricate naturally which in turn cause excessive friction and pain during intercourse. Excessive friction will break the condoms and pain during sex will kill the mood.

Immediate Retrieval 

Condoms along with penis should be taken out the vagina as soon as ejaculation is done. Because if you fail to do so, your penis will become flaccid in a matter of minutes. It will result in condom slipping and chances are pretty high that the sperms will reach the eggs. In the end, you will be surprised by the pregnancy.

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Modified on 17 Sep, 2019

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