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Small size condoms to suit your needs

Condoms serve the purpose of protecting from STDs and unwanted pregnancies along with providing comfort and pleasure. Today, more choice is available to choose a condom. Right from textures to sizes, different types of condoms are available in the market. One of the popular condom varieties is the small size super fit condoms.

Most people find it confusing to buy condoms since condoms are not available as ’one size fits all’. Comfortable and reliable protection to the couple is assured only with the right fit condoms. For men who need smaller size condoms, snug fit condoms are the best small size condoms that are specially designed to provide comfort and pleasure during sexual intercourse. They are slightly smaller than the regular condoms in width and depending on the model they vary in the length too. Along with providing the same level of safety and protection, snug fit condoms also provide reliability, comfort and more pleasure. Buy small size condoms online to experience a closer fit and better experience during intercourse. Using small condoms is important for

  • Closer fit for better experience
  • Increased sensitivity
  • Comfortable and reliable protection
  • Increased pleasure
  • Small size condoms available on shycart

    General dimensions of a small size condoms:Length: 6 to 7 inches Width: 1.7 to 2 inches

    Buy small size condoms on shycart with 100% safety and discreet packaging. Small size condoms available on shycart are

    • Kohinoor Pink small size condom
    • KamaSutra Skyn Original super fit condom
    • KamaSutra Skyn Extra Lube super fit condom

    Snug fit condoms

    Snug fit condoms are smaller than the regular condoms and come in a different design. Not the same size condom fits all. The main purpose is to create a condom that fits perfectly and comfortably for those who are not comfortable wearing the standard size condoms. Snugger fit condoms are specially designed to fit smaller guys. They have a better fit, right grip and hence can provide the best level of comfort. If you are not comfortable to buy small condoms at physical stores, shycart is the best online store to buy condoms and other sexual wellness products with 100% privacy. Using condoms is a cheap and effective method of protecting you and your loved one from the risks of unsafe sex

    Condoms Sizes

    Today condoms offer size options that increase comfort and safety levels. Choosing the right size condom is very important for a safe and better sex life. If you are still not sure of the condom size, refer to the condom size guide and measure your size.

    General standard size of Indian condoms is as mentioned below:

    • Small sized condom - Length: 6 to 7 inches and Width: 1.7 to 2 inches.
    • Medium sized condom - Length: 7 to 7.9 inches and Width: 2.05 to 2.13 inches.
    • Large sized condom - Length: 8 inches and up and Width: 2.13 to 2.3 inches.
    • Extra large sized condom- Length: Under 8 inches. Width: 2.3 inches and up.

    Condoms for small sizes

    Most condoms are designed in standard sizes to fit average sized penis. You can wear a snug condom if your penis is larger than 5 inches when erect. But just don't choose any condom randomly.When you are not finding pleasure with regular sized condoms, buy small condoms. Although different brands maintain the same length, width and grits may vary, which is equally important while choosing a condom that fits perfectly. What is a regular size condom in one brand might be a larger size in another brand. To avoid such mistakes while buying condoms, always measure your size first. This helps you to find the right size condom and makes your sex comfortable and protected.

    Does condom size matter?

    When it comes to the level of protection offered, condom size matters Find the right size condoms for the best protected sexual encounters. A small size condom, if it is tight might break during usage. Whereas a large sized condom might slip off. In either case, condoms don't ensure the right level of safety and protection. A poor fitting condom will be less pleasurable and does not provide comfort to the user.

    As we know condoms are stretchable so they fit most men comfortably. But men who are not comfortable with the regular condoms that come in standard sizes have a query “What size condoms should I buy?” With many condom varieties available in the market, there is a condom for everyone. Just that you need to find what is the right condom for you. How you check for condom thickness, condom type, material and lubrication needs, it is also important to check condom size to ensure it fits you well. Whether it is regular condoms or small condoms, only a better fit condom gives you the better feel and maximum pleasure along with the best protection. Using condoms during intercourse protects you from unplanned pregnancies and STDs.

    Are small size condoms better?

    If you just go for any condom available in the market and if doesn't fit you properly, sex can be uncomfortable and unsafe too. You have a far better chance of avoiding pregnancy and STIs if you use the right size condom. If a condom feels too loose at the tip or base, it may not function well and may even come off. A condom that is too small or tight may feel constrictive at the tip and may eventually break. So to have safe and comfortable sex, it is important to choose the right condom. Measure your penis size and buy condoms online accordingly. For those who find the regular condoms too big, buy small condoms for a better experience.

    Where to buy small size condoms?

    Small condoms in India are available online and in physical stores. Buy small size condoms online on shycart with 100% privacy and discreet packaging. Check out various small size condom brands, price, and condoms reviews. Men who need small condoms can now find the perfect small size condom delivered with privacy to your doorstep.

    Why do some people find using condoms reduces pleasure?

    Some men dont use condoms during sexual activities thinking that using a condom reduces pleasure. While others think that a condom during sex is not comfortable. Studies show that reduced pleasure is mainly due to wearing improperly sized condoms. Condom fit plays a major role in a condom's effectiveness and comfort. If you and your partner are facing such issues, it is advised to check out different types of condoms available in the market and find the right condom with a proper fit. For those who are not comfortable with regular-sized condoms, they can choose from small size condoms or snug-fit condoms for a better fit and better safety during intercourse.

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