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Kamasutra honeymoon surprise condoms gift pack

Kamasutra honeymoon surprise condoms gift pack

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Packing for the honeymoon? It is time to explore and experience as much as you can with KamaSutra surprise honeymoon gift pack - your ideal honeymoon companion! It contains very interesting and useful products to create a sensational experience and induce freshness and excitement. This intensely passionate assortment brings to you exciting condoms, erotic gifts, games & some surprising extras!

What is inside?

KS Dotted Condoms 3
KS Ribbed Condoms 3
KS Intensity Condoms  3
KS Super Thin condoms 3
KS Excite Chocolate Flavoured Condoms 3
KS Excite Vanilla Flavoured Condoms 3
KS Excite Strawberry Flavoured Condoms 3
KS Pleasure Points (booklet with love-making tips) 1
KS Hot Dots (booklet with dots game showcasing positions) 1
KS 50 ml Lubricant 1
Satin Blindfold 1
KS Disposable Bags 21
Feather Teaser 1
Love Dice Game 1

KamaSutra Honeymoon Surprise Pack


  • Assorted pack filled with naughtiness
  • Perfect for the honeymoon and first wedding night
  • Varied varieties of condoms
  • Introductory Seduction articles
  • Brings in more spice and excitement
  • Combo sets of different condoms, tips, hacks and suggestions
  • Great for exploring and experimenting newly
  • An Ideal and unique gift for your friends and family


If you have spent too much time searching for a perfect gift for your first wedding night or even for a close friend on his wedding and honeymoon, your search ends right here! From the land of sensual exploration, comes to you an extraordinary collection that will be a real treat for any couple. Buy Kamasutra Honeymoon pack today and relish the wonderful experiences of lovemaking!

Honeymoon condoms 

Right from the collection of assorted condoms to exciting surprises for your naughty intentions, this condom honeymoon pack has undoubtedly got it all. Satin blindfold and teaser bring out the hidden side of you while the dice help you with positions and activities especially designed when you run out of ideas.

Bewildering sensations will come into play with the different textures of condoms in this honeymoon pack. Also, anticipate for a luscious delight with a range of flavoured condoms that’ll make you go wild! Just to make sure that lovemaking is smooth and easy, a lubricant is included with this surprise pack as well. Buy Ks honeymoon pack online with assured privacy and concelaed packaging!

Included Surprises

Explore your inner temptations with the differently textured condoms included in this honeymoon surprise pack! Not too sure about what else to do? Well, the tips and dot games will make your gameplay even more interesting. This box is literally full of surprises!
And that’s not all! You will have to unbox it yourself to experience more interesting surprises!

Kamasutra hot dots is a where you connect those dots of sexual fantasies. Time flies by when you indulge yourself in the playful game of dots! Always had a thing for quirky stuff? This first night gift pack has an included Satin blindfold to make things more interesting.

Tease you love with the Feather Teaser that comes with this honeymoon kit! You won’t be bored anymore as you can have fun together with the love dice game to keep you love birds engaged all night long. What are you waiting for? Buy Kamasutra honeymoon surprise today!

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Ks honeymoon package - infographic

KamaSutra Honeymoon Gift Pack

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Questions about this product

are these condoms are made of latex????
Asked on 13-Jan-2019
Yes. these condoms are made of natural rubber latex.
Answered on 14-Jan-2019
Does it contain 50 ml lubricant also and other stuffs as mentioned in "What's inside"?
Asked on 10-Jan-2019
Yes, it contains the 50ml lubricant and the other stuffs, as mentioned.
Answered on 10-Jan-2019
Size of the cindoms
Asked on 16-Dec-2018
Every condom in this package comes at the standard size of 52 +/- 3 mm
Answered on 20-Dec-2018
Limited edition box is still available?
Asked on 20-Nov-2018
No. The limited edition box is no longer available.
Answered on 21-Nov-2018
Is this 25th anniversary special aluminium box or just general cardboard box
Asked on 14-Nov-2018
It is the general cardboard box.
Answered on 15-Nov-2018

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