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Can a menstrual cup hurt your cervix?

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Can a menstrual cup hurt your cervix?

Menstrual cups are to be celebrated as the best invention for women's hygiene. However, be it any product, the right usage matters. Menstrual cups will never hurt cervix, as long as they are inserted properly. The leakage when using a menstrual cup is normal among women. This happens mainly due to the fact either that their cervix has lower in position during the menstrual cycle or their menstrual cup is inserted too deep inside the vagina. Leaving the menstrual cup deep inside the vagina will exert pressure on the cervix and as a result of which you may feel some discomfort and pain. So it does cause some pain in cervix if the menstrual cup is not inserted properly. If you can do a proper research, find out and buy best menstrual cup online available in the market, there is no chance for your cervix getting hurt at all.

However, the pain and leakage can be forbidden if you could able to find the position of your cervix. If you could see leakage even when the menstrual cup is fully open, then this means that you need to place the menstrual cup lower than the cervix. There are high chances that after pregnancy the cervix will come down. But it can be corrected with some regular Kegels exercise.

If you find no leakage while using menstrual cup and still having a hard time finding the position of your cervix, then you're just one in many women whose cervix is deep inside the vagina.



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Modified on 14 Jul, 2020

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