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KamaSutra DOTT MAX 2064 Dots Condoms pack of 6's

KamaSutra DOTT MAX 2064 Dots Condoms pack of 6's

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KamaSutra DOTTMAX Xtra dotted condoms have 2064 raised dots, which is help to maximize your sensual experience. It is made of natural rubber latex material. Ks extra raised dotted condoms are newly designed for more pleasure. The Benzocaine lubricants are contained in the condom ensures that your partner's more pleasure will be stimulated in great way. The extra raised dots heighten stimulation by creating a joyful roughness to give you the ultimate sensation.

Kamasutra DottMax 2064 Dotted condoms 

Have an inclination that that you're not having intercourse up to your maximum capacity? Presently you can experience a sparkling sexual intercourse with your playmate past your maximum capacity with Kamasutra DottMax condoms. The 2064 dots on the outer surface of the Kamasutra condoms will never fail to heighten the pleasure for you both keeping you alive in the game for an uncommon amount of time. In contrast to ordinary condoms, which has 1500 dots on its outer surface, Kamasutra DottMax intended to have 2064 dots that every one of the dots will stimulate the erogenous spot of her pulsating vagina and that is certain to gleam her state of mind. When you are longing for extra and full delight with your playmate, at that point remember to purchase Kamasutra DottMax.

Kamasutra DottMax 2064 dotted condoms - 2064 dots are modest projecting dots enable couples to appreciate extraordinarily intensifying sexual encounter. Kamasutra Dottmax condom is particularly intended for extracting more excite amid sex with your playmate.

The 2064 dots are tiny and solid projections that can cause friction against erogenous spots inside the quivering vagina and titillate her to beyond anything she could ever imagine with each time you go in and out.

The condom is spread with uniquely prepared Benzocaine oil (Lubricant) which enables you to endure in the lovemaking marathon. Furthermore, you could perform endlessly and on giving her a particularly glimmering excitement in bed, a sort of which is incomprehensible under ordinary conditions with your natural skin or with any typically straight walled condoms.

The extra 2064 spots uplift the excitement by giving her a euphoria and roughness that she can cherish every minute of it thoroughly. Check out the Kamasutra Dottmax 2064 dotted condom this evening and perceive how insane she goes over and for you and how wild it ends up being for you and her.

Kamasutra DOTTMAX 2064 Dots - Product Info

Texture: Dotted Texture

Material: Latex Condom

Colour & Lubricants: Pink Colour & Benzocaine Lubricated

Type: Super Dotted Condoms (2064 Raised Dots)

Condom Size: Length 180 mm Width: 53 ±2 mm (Standard size)

Quantity: 6 condoms

What is the difference between the Regular Condoms and Dotted Condoms?

The regular rubber latex condoms are condoms which do not have any kind of texture on the outer surface of the condom. Its contour (Outer surface) is plain. Kamasutra Dottmax 2064 dotted Condoms, which is a super dotted condom, have raised/bigger dots which add extra pleasure and more sensations to the couples. These dotted condoms induce extra friction, greater stimulation and enjoyment provoking a deeper sexual response from both.

Kamasutra DottMax 2064 dotted condoms are super dotted Condoms. Kamasutra has launched its unique range of Super Dotted Condoms which have 50% bigger dots than the normal rubber latex dotted condoms.

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