What is the Purpose of Using Flavoured Condom?

What is the Purpose of Using Flavoured Condom?

With changing times, things are changing and improving at a rapid pace. The art of lovemaking has undergone major transformations over the year, and so did the condom! Nowadays one can purchase condoms that taste and smells like orange, grape, mint, coffee, chocolate and a lot more.

As we all are aware condoms are necessary while having sex; this is in order to protect oneself from STDs and avoid unexpected pregnancy. As a matter of fact, condoms should be used at all times, irrespective of you having sexual intercourse. When it comes to condoms, there are high chances that you have already saturated the usage of traditional condoms. Now isn’t it time that we add some flavour to it? You never know, it might radically revolutionize the way you have sex by adding more excitement and a greater sense of fulfilment.

Let us know more about the flavoured condoms and what do they do. And for more surprise, all the flavoured condoms have dotted texture. Some people search as "flavoured and dotted condoms online" on google. 

Keep STDs at bay

You can easily transmit Sexually Transmitted Diseases through oral sex. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to use a condom while indulging in oral sex. One of the prime objectives of flavoured condoms is to make oral sex an ‘out of the world’ experience for all.

They make your sexual experience even more addictive

The condom industry has been consistently reinventing itself to make sex prodigious and pleasurable. Flavoured condoms always come in colours that complement the flavours. For example, a strawberry flavoured condom is red in colour, whereas Chocolate flavoured condom is a deep brown. They are easily available and do not cost more than regular condoms. You can also buy condoms online from shycart – your preferred online shopping partner.

Oral Sex:-

As unflavored condom lacks taste while the flavored condoms are mindfully designed to improve oral sex. The flavors help mask the latex taste and fragrance that standard condoms usually have. 

Keep unexpected pregnancy at bay:-

If used properly, flavoured condoms can amplify your lovemaking experience and provide protection from STDs and unexpected pregnancies.

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Modified on 10 Jul, 2020

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