Playgard Multi Textured - Ice Mint Flavoured Condoms - 3'sx3

Playgard Multi Textured - Ice Mint Flavoured Condoms - 3'sx3

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Playgard Multi-Textured - Ice Mint Flavoured Condoms - 3's pack of 3. Go experiment and up your sex game with Multi-Textured Icy Mint Condoms & enjoy the pleasures of both dotted and ribbed. It helps your lovemaking and gives her more excitement & pleasure.

Playgard multi textured - Ice Mint flavoured condoms

Playgard ice mint flavoured condom comes in multiple textures and it has a special cooling lubricant which ensures to give a tingling sensation to the couples. Textured condoms are meant to determine more pleasure during sexual intercourse as the dots and strips can increase arousal to a great extent.

Multi-textured condom is the best suited for couples who are ready to make it as adventurous as possible, every time. The multi-textured condom can spice up the sexual life to bring in a lot of fun. Playgard Multi Textured Ice Mint condoms are intended for those special couples who are adventurous and need to try different things with new flavors.

Ribbed and dotted texture condom

Playgard ice mint condom pack includes ribbed and dotted condoms. Ribbed condoms have ribs mounted over their surface. These ribs are strategically placed to stimulate erogenous zones. They increase sensations during intercourse by stimulating the nerve endings. The nerve endings remain in their most sensitive state by stimulation through ribbed condoms. The ribs actuate moderate tingling in the vaginal wall and provide an effective clitoral stimulation.

Dotted condoms are similar to ribbed condoms. Instead of ribs, they have dots mounted over their surface. These dots make contact with the soft spots and triggers incredible sensations. Dotted condoms are widely used for having more stimulation. They are the perfect stimulus for those who feel lower levels of arousal. Dotted condoms not only enhance the sexual arousals but also pave way for excitement and thrill. If you want to reach new levels of intimacy with your partner, give dotted condoms a try!

Ice mint flavoured condom

Flavoured condoms are most suitable for oral sex. The regular condoms have a characteristic smell of latex. The taste of latex can be unpleasant and thus it might affect your oral pleasures. Therefore, it is beneficial to use a flavoured condom. The Playgard Multi Textured condoms have a refreshing Ice mint flavour. Mint flavours are refreshing and exhilarating. They add freshness and excitement for oral sex. Playgard flavoured condoms are also textured to give you the extra sensations and pleasure.

Protection against STI’s

Diseases can be transmitted through oral sex such as Chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis. These STI’s should be prevented by taking certain safety measures. Condoms have proven to be the best protective measure against sexual diseases. Condom not only protects you from possible infections but also enhances your oral pleasures.

Playgard Ice mint flavour condom specifications:

Brand Playgard
Type Multi-textured and flavored condom
Flavour Ice mint flavored condom
Texture Ribbed and Dotted
Shape Straight Walled & Teat ended
Colour Transparent
Lubrication Lubricated
Condom length 180 mm
Condom width 53 ±2 mm
Condom Disposal pouch Included
Price Rs.75
Quantity 9

Playgard Ice mint flavour condom features:

  • Ribbed and dotted texture for more pleasure
  • Ice mint flvour
  • Non-allergic natural rubber latex condoms
  • Well lubricated condom
  • Straight walled shape
  • For single use only

Playgard Ice Mint Condom Price in India

Playgard Ice mint multi-textured condom price is Rs.75 for a pack of 9 condoms. It is available online condom shopping markets.

So, what are you waiting for? Buy Playgard multi-textured ice mint-flavoured condoms online, we assure privacy and discretion in the packing and delivery of products.

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