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Travel Accessories for Women

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Travel Accessories for Women

Travelling is like flirting with life and it empowers you to take on new challenges. We are never guaranteed old age, so enjoy life’s experiences now! When we travel to a great place we don’t want to leave the place, but we want to enjoy it as much as we could.  So, literally, everybody loves travelling and how the first travelling experience gets to decide about your future escapades. If your first travel experience ends up a flop, you wouldn’t encourage yourself to go on another trip. That is why, we have come up with a list of travel essentials - travel accessories for women that will help you out.

The first on our list is Disposable panties

The basic concept of disposable underwear is that is designed to be used once and then, as the name suggests, to be disposed of. These disposable panties are made in different types and with various materials. Depending on how you might use, you can buy disposable panties and use it.

Disposable panties

One of the most important uses of disposable underwear is during travelling/backpacking. When you travel, it is essential that you travel light. That is, you backpack as weightless as possible. It is because, when you are travelling continuously for days, your body will become very tired and even a 100 gm weight on your shoulder will feel as though you are trying to lift kilograms of weight.

This is where disposable panties come in handy. Not only they weigh like feathers, they are hygienic and occupy much less space. When you use a normal panty, it can be a pain in the neck as they tend to take more space; you need to wash and dry them; you would be required to carry a soap to wash them; more than that you have to find time and place to do those. Whereas with disposable panties, you can just throw them off and move on to a fresh and new one. Also, a disposable underwear can be rolled into the size of a finger. So, 10 disposable panties will easily fit into your hands.

These disposable underwear are literally available everywhere as they have become the latest phenomenon in the travel accessories for women. You can find them at the airport, railway station malls etc.  You can buy disposable panties online at shycart, which can be delivered anywhere in India with 100% privacy.

The second on our list is menstrual care:

In this 21st century, a woman always has to be on her toes and cannot allow any changes in her body to drag her down. As per a statistic, about 30 percent of women have irregular periods. So, we should always be prepared for any such occurrence.

 Menstrual cup - She cup - Regular - Pre child birth + Up to 30 years -28 ml capacity - Knob type stem

One of the best options for taking care of your body during periods is having a menstrual cup. It is known that the buy best menstrual cup brand should be made of medical grade silicone, must be designed in the shape of a bell and should have to flexible. When you insert it into your vagina during menstruation to catch menstrual fluid, it should be comfortable. It should feel comfortable even when you wear it during the day and overnight. Worried about how you would feel with this cup inside you? And would they cause any trouble? All your doubts will be answered here in our blog for period daycare.

So, a menstrual cup is yet another importance travel accessories for women who travel. For the best products, you should buy menstrual cup online at shycart. 

Now, Female Urination Device

Travelling women know that they can’t ask for luxuries such as the proper bed, clean lavatories etc. Sometimes there won't be any lavatories at all. Other times, you may not be able to get enough privacy. Even if you do manage to find a private place, how hygiene do you think it would be? Squatting down and exposing your private areas in an unhygienic place which may have been infested with god-knows-what. You should never compromise on your intimate hygiene.

That’s why women who travel a lot should have a female urination device with them. It is simple for us. You can pee while standing up. No need of dropping the pants and hence no need to expose yourself to any unhygienic environment. It is easy to carry, very easy to clean and will easily accommodate in your backpack. Women working in the military love this the female urination device. As per a report, almost 90% of the women working in NATO own a female urination device.

Female Urination device

So, why choose  GoGirl urination device over other devices available?  Simple. It's better than the other products. 

When are you gonna get yours? You can buy female urination device online in India at shycart


Reusable Cloth pad and panty liners


While disposable underwear is better against panties, in the case of sanitary pads, it is the other way around. You should choose a reusable sanitary pad and reusable panty liners because you won't be needing a sanitary pad, but having one will be just as a backup option. When you have a menstrual cup, it will completely take care of all your menstrual needs and your periods won't be messy at all.

As it is always good to have a backup option, you can opt for a reusable cloth sanitary pad. They can be folded into the size of the fist and so, won't occupy much of a space. Hence, in the unlikely case you run into some issues, the cloth pad will have your back and you can continue your adventure without much of a hassle! Happy travel again ;)

You can buy cloth pads online at shycart, which will be delivered promptly and securely anywhere in India. 


The second back up option to travel accessories for women list are tampons. Why tampons are just another backup option is due to the fact that they can be worn only for about 4-6 hours, whereas a menstrual cup can be worn for at the least 12 hours. Moreover, menstrual cups are very economical and tampons aren't. While there are advantages of using tampons, there are disadvantages as well. The biggest downside to tampon is that prolonged use can cause an increased risk of urinary tract infections.

Travel accesories for women - Tampons


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Modified on 06 May, 2020

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