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Attaining puberty - things to note

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Attaining puberty - things to note

Puberty brings in a lot of changes to your life and to your body, please don’t be scared as you should keep a thing in mind that you are not alone in this journey. All the women in this world, be it your mother your aunt your sister and your teachers all went through puberty. So from that moment you will be ready to grow into a beautiful, confident young lady this can be exciting and the same time scary for a girl but be prepared as it is totally normal and your parents and dear ones will be there to take care of you. Just keep certain things in mind and we will tell you these things and you will be all fine

1) Significant Body Growth

You will notice a major change in your body, your body parts will start growing faster than your childhood. This sudden increase growth is known as growth spurt. Initially you will notice your feet and hands growing, then the arm and leg bones. In a short span of time you will become taller. There will be an increase in weight also. You will look awkward till the other body parts start growing and your body becomes proportionate.

Don’t panic this is normal and the first change you will notice, so be prepared and buy clothes as per your growth.

2) Development of breasts

Some will say this is like the most significant change in a girl’s body. In the beginning you will notice little swelling under the nipples, you needn’t panic it is natural and then slowly the breats will start growing and will get bigger and fuller. Initially you will feel sore around the breasts, then it will be normal. From this moment onwards you may have to wear a bra, which is required to give proper support to your breasts. Pick a bra which fits you. An important thing to keep in mind is each and eavery girl’s bosy is different so some may have bigger fuller breasts, whereas some may not have that so you needn’t feel inferior as it depends on each person’s physical genetic traits. In a span of two to 3 years breasts will be developed fully.

3) Body Hair

Well another very significant, infact the most obvious change in one’s body after attaining puberty is hair growth in new places. The hair starts growing first in pubic area slowly and then covers the whole area. This sometimes affects girls they panick and feel uncomfortable but please keep it in mind it is natural and same for everybody.

4) More Sweating

Once you attain puberty your sweat glands will grow larger and so you will start sweating more, don’t panic for this as it is natural. Start using antiperspirant or deodorant.

5) Changes in hair and skin

During puberty the pores in the skin open up and produce more oil, especially on the face. This oil will cause acne on your faces. So you will have to wash your hair and face more often than before. You will have to start taking care of your skin and use acne reducing and oil control skin products. Advice again be prepared don’t panick.

6) Development of Genitals

Your genitals, or private areas, also grow and change during puberty. Your outside parts (the vulva) are enclosed by two sets of "lips." The larger lips have hair. The inner, smaller lips don't. These increase in size a little bit. Inside your body, the vagina is getting longer and the uterus is getting bigger.

7) Discharge/Flow happens

This discharge happens from vagina, a clear or sometimes cloudy fluid comes out of vagina. The body produces this fluid to moisten and cleanse the vagina. If you notice yellow or white stains inside your underwear don’t panic it is normal and it indicates that the menstruation will start in 6 to 18 months time. Sometime this vaginal discharge can be white, clumpy, thick or milky, it may be due to yeast infection. If that happens talk to your parents and consult a doctor.

8) The Very First Period

All the above said things lead you to your first period. When it starts you will not be knowing what will happen and what to expect. The menstruation is unpredictable for the first 2 years. It will be irregular and it is normal. It takes 1 to 2 years for your cycles to get regularized. So be prepared in these years with all the required sanitary products. So these above said things keep them in mind don’t take them or expect them to happen in order. Each woman is different from another woman. They are special. So don’t get discouraged or irritated as these things are only sure indication that you are on the way to enter your fascinating stage of life, Being a Woman.

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Modified on 18 Dec, 2019

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