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Period panties - a boon to women

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Period panties - a boon to women

What are Period Panties?

Period Panties are specifically designed for women to prevent from strains and leaks on dresses and bed sheets during the natural cycle of menstruation process. It is made of 100% lightweight cotton and breathable, leak-resistant sheet. Plus it is more convenient and stress-free. It can be reused and washable by hand or machine. It is just like regular period panty, exclude they are incorporated with upgraded leak-proof layer to protect from bloody strains.

Benefits of using this

Being made of special cotton, it avoids skin related diseases such as itching, cramps etc. It is impalpable and you just might really feel like comfort rather than using tampons and if you buy menstrual cup and use them, in the terms of that you just placed inside the female genital part. It gives the best protection for women who are suffered from heavy periods. Plus you need not used to go restroom often to check whether clothes are strained or not. Sizes can be available from XS to XXXL.More than it is a cost-cutting, eco-positive and commercially available from website.

Is it adequate for both heavy and low flow days?

Absolutely, there are two types of techniques used to manage heavy and light flow .One is that boxer fit and the other is that Hipster. Both are sophisticated with heavy and low flows respectively. Boxer fit has specially made to prevent from getting strains, be it front, back and inner thigher regions. It has a special inner layer so that you just simply keep the pad inside by crumbling. Perhaps Hipster that keep your front and back regions free from strains.


Customer from Australia says that:

Period panties are an innovative and a good thing. It sounds great, stress-free, cool colours and more comfortable as it is being  made of soft cotton. Once you have just used it, you dismissed from mind that you are wearing this and no plastic crunching  sounds either. I never felt like itchiness or experienced with any skin related allergic reactions when I had used it for the first  time.

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Modified on 24 Jul, 2019

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