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Tips for cleaning breast pump

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Tips for cleaning breast pump

Origin of breast pumps

Breast Pump is a medical device used to extract women’s breast milk to substitute breastfeeding. It is so convenient for working women since they can store the breast milk and feed their babies eventually.  Basically there are three types of breast pump.

è Manual Breast Pump

è Battery Breast Pump

è Electric Breast Pump

General procedure to clean the pumps.

After every use, breast pumps should be cleaned properly.  Additionally,  the parts contacted with breast pump like milk storage bottle, breast shield and valves should also be cleaned. It cannot be sterilized completely, even if it is boiled. To wash completely away from germs and bacteria, usage of liquid dishwashing soap it is a right choice. There are some microwave sterilizers available for breast pump parts. It is much sufficient cleaning the pumps by washing manually.

Procedure to clean the breast pump parts.

Check manual instruction to wash breast pump parts and ensure it is safe by cleaning using dishwasher. While cleaning your breast pump tubing makes sure it is clean. Most important thing to note would be to ensure that there isn’t a drop of water in it. Even a drop of water should be pumped out and turn on the pump for the tube to get dry.

Special note/care to clean electric breast pump.

Electric Breast Pump should not be washed with liquid and soap. It should not be cleaned with microwave sterilizers also because it contains electric batteries and motor. It should be wiped with soft cloths and towel papers. There are some manufacturers who specialize in making some wipes for cleaning the breast pump.  It is so convenient to clean to clean while travelling with the use of these wipes. The breast milk bottles can be washed using the dishwashers.

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Modified on 02 Mar, 2017

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