Medela Swing maxi electric breast pump reviews

Medela swing maxi electric breast pump reviews

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Medela swing maxi electric breast pump reviews


Does the job and saves time

Easy to use and very handy too. It is not noisy also.

Setup is easy and easier to clean. The pump seems to work quite well and can operate on mains or battery power. Though the batteries go flat pretty quickly!

But on occasions need to buy bustier to both sides.

User 2:

Life saver

Works very well and I'm not worried on noise. I use this pump very often and it hasn't missed one beat and super to have a double pump. Closest to a hospital grade pump. On occsaion the suction is bit tricky to handle

User 3: 

This pump is fabulous eventhough its noisy. Feels great when it works

but Very inconsistent


User 4:


This is the smallest and lightest breast pump from meddle with two-phase expression.

It is also very light a has a great and adjustable suction & it can be adjusted for both ‘let-down’ mode and ‘expression’ mode.


It is open-system breast pump.and noisy with no LED displays.


User 5:

Medela Swing is a simple model that gets the job done. Being small and portable, this breast pump is suitable for pumping on the go.

Chances of Milk leakage into tube when held at the wrong angle & Open systems can be susceptible to mould


User 6:

"Works well and easy to use" 

A great pump to use its easy to assemble and use.


User 7:

"So fast & easy to use" 

The double swing maxi which is so fast and easy & no faffing around to get milk. Its so easy to assemble and clean. Really excellent.


User 8:

"very dissapointed"

Keep breaking often eventhough i follow the steps given in leaflets as well as per the customer rep.


User 9:

Do not buy Medela maxi swing

  1. It produces vibration on your breast when using and it get worst after increasing suction. 
  2. Chances of spillage when you slide the bottle to sides.

  3. Vibration become stronger & hurt me when tried to increase the suction speed when its very low


User 10:

"Quick and easy to use"

Good to have the lightweight and used it 6 to 8 times a day.Easy to clean.

Difficult to wrap due to tubing.


User 11:


Love this pump as its easy to use, compact and quick to extract

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Modified on 03 Jan, 2017

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