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Breast Pump – Everything one needs to know about it

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Breast Pump – Everything one needs to know about it

What is a Breast Pump? Why should you buy breast pump online? What is electric breast pump? What is the best Breast Pump? Why do you need one? What is Breast Pump use? How do you choose a breast pump? If you have any of these questions, then jump into the article and immerse yourself in breast milk. I mean, in the facts about breast milk and breast pump. Once you do, you can buy breast pump online from shycart.

Breast milk pump

A breast pump is nothing but a mechanical device used to extract the milk from the breasts of a lactating woman. Hence it is also called Breast Milk Pump. You can buy breast pump online but before that you should understand the fact that there are so many different Breast Pump available with various operating mechanism and operational types. They can be manual devices, used with your hands or legs - where you have to rotate the livers by your hand movements known as Manual Breast Pump or there are electrical devices which would use batteries or electricity to power the Breast Milk Pump known as the Electric Breast Pump.

One of most important aspect on why you should buy breast pump online is that, a breast milk pump happens to be of invaluable help as this invention will help when a breast milk feeding mother comes across and of the following issues:

  1. Breast engorgement
  2. Too much breast milk
  3. Blocked breast milk ducts
  4. Mastitis
  5. Breast abscess
  6. Thrush

Also, it would help allow a nursing mom

  1. To travel without bothering or worrying anything about the breast milk or breast feeding in public.
  2. In avoiding any sort of infection or allergies when travelling or staying at a new place
  3. And helps the nursing mother to be able to continue breastfeeding, by collecting the breast milk in a container, while working at office.

If these reasons convince you to try or gift someone you know, you can always buy breast pump online at shycart, where 100% genuine products are guaranteed.

The next few paragraphs may seem to be slightly dull, if History wasn’t one of your favorite subjects. If you prefer, you can just skip away the upcoming paragraphs and proceed to the ‘Why you should use a Breast Pump?’ section.


History of the Best Breast Pump


It always takes various levels of inventions and many innovations over a time period to arrive at a finished and best product design, which would again be further enhanced as per the needs of the user, over time. It is recorded that the first breast pump, which is of course a manual breast pump (electric breast pump were introduced way later, in the 20th century), was patented (meaning of patent - the exclusive right granted by a government to an inventor to manufacture, use, or sell an invention for a certain number of years in exchange for detailed public disclosure of an invention) during the mid 19th century period. While the date of the issuance varies as per the source, the widely accepted one is June 20, 1854. On the said date, the United States Patent Office had issued a Patent, No. 11,135 to one Mr. O.H. Needham for a mechanical device, which went on to be known as breast pump. Scientific American, in the year 1863, has known to have credited Mr. L.O. Colbin as the inventor and patent applicant of breast pump.

You might have heard of the saying which goes as ‘Necessity is the mother of all inventions’. The need of the time was treating inverted nipples and to help infants who were too small or too weak to nurse. Hence the best breast pump invented at that time served that purpose and were mostly available and used only in maternity and children hospitals.

Only when the Swiss breast pump manufacturer Medela introduced its first of a kind electric breast pump — electric powered, vacuum operated breast pump — a pump which was never intended for an in-hospital use — in the United States of America, since then, the device's sales grew by four times. So, only a little more than 20 years ago they were widely available as consumer products. Right now, Breast Milk Pump – especially the electric breast pump - have become such a common parental aide that new mothers – nursing mother, when discharged from hospitals after giving birth, are immediately getting themselves one after experiencing the comfort of breast milk pump in the hospital.

You too shall buy breast pump online, where you can find all the best breast pump manufacturers’ top rated breast pump.


History shows as the Breast pump have been used since the medieval times, right from Greek Empire and Roman Empire, with their form, shape and design changing with time with the available yet improvised material usage. Even during the medieval period, the types varied. While the ancient Greeks are known to have used a ceramic guttus type machine, which served both to empty the breast and feed the infant with the breast milk. And, the Romans happened to be using glass milk-extractors, invented by the Romans themselves, which would be sucked by the mother herself to elevate the nipples which are retracted, to feed the babies. During the 17th century, the period when corsets (worn to give an inconceivably narrow waist, which makes their shape more delicate and slender) became the fashion of the century, caused an epidemic of flat nipples, Breast Pump in the form of a smoking pipe came to rescue. When the world stepped into 19th century, the Breast Pump has evolved in form of a vessel which is to be sucked both by nursing mother and infant, in order to facilitate breastfeeding for a premature infant (an infant born before 34 wk gestation. Full-term gestation is 40 wk with range as 37 to 42 wk). In that period of time, people who buy breast pump were only the maternity hospitals as they weren’t easily affordable.

It was the time, when the issues caused by the pathogenic microscopic organisms got to be distinctly known. Hence, simple and careful cleaning turned into a vital component of the breast pump. This happened during the 1870s. The twentieth century, which forgot what a breast is for and sexualized the female bosom to such an extent that its nourishing function and capacity were threatened and undermined. Electric breast pump, created toward the start of the twentieth century for clinical utilization, found an expansive private market when breast feeding in public were discouraged as per the norms and culture. And hence, breast milk pump were principally used to empower breastfeeding moms to get back to work as early as they could. So, almost all women, who were working, had no choice other than to buy breast pump in order to store their breast milks to feed their babies later when they are at work.

After a patent for a breast pump design was issued in 1854, the development and change of designs as per needs became rather illustrious. It was during the 1921-23, Mr. Edward Lasker, who was an engineer and a chess master, designed and invented the first known mechanical breast pump, which imitated an infant's sucking action. The doctors around the world considered it as a substantial improvement over the existing hand-operated manual breast pump, which failed to remove all the milk from the breast due to their poor suction. Although they could never match the electric breast pump of today’s world, they are better than the breast pump available back then. The United States Patent Office issued U.S. Patent 1,644,257 for Mr. Edward Lasker's mechanical breast pump design.

What happens mechanically in the female breast during various methods of milk collection

 In 1956 Mr. Einar Egnell, a Swedish innovator and entrepreneur, published his work, a rather path breaking discovery, titled, "Viewpoints on what happens mechanically in the female breast during various methods of milk collection". This article helped by providing insight to the technical and scientific aspects of milk extraction from the breast. Mr Einar went on to design the Egnell SMB breast pump, which of course, is a result of his research. These breast milk pump were the top breast pump of that time. They were quite robust and many of those breast pump are still in operation today ever after 50 years from their introduction, which speaks about their quality and innovation.

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Why you should use a Breast Pump?

One of the most important reasons over why a breast pump is used would be helping a new mom to increase lactation. Also, for a working mother, it is a great tool to help store their breast milk in bottles when leaving for work, which later can be used to feed the baby by the caretaker, as it is important to feed the baby with breast milk, for at least six months to ensure proper development of the baby's immunity. However, breast pumps are also helpful in cases where the child is unable to latch onto the breast and receive proper nutrition. It is observed that kids who drink breast milk via bottle have more weight than those who don't.

Here is the list of reasons why you might need to buy breast pump for yourself:

Induce the Milk Production

1. Using a breast pump would stimulate a mother’s breast to induce the milk production to breast feed a baby.

Get back to Work at ease!

2. For most of the new mothers, getting back to work shortly after giving birth will be very hard as they have to balance the time between the baby and work. However, with the help of electric breast pump she can easily express her breast milk and can feed baby.

Help Feed a Premature Baby

3. A Pre-mature baby (if the baby was born before 34 weeks), may not be well enough or strong enough for breast feeding. However, the baby will still need breast milk. In order to provide breast milk for a premature baby that is too weak to breastfeed a mother can use an electric breast pump to express milk for feedings.

The Phenomenon of Inverted and Flat Nipples

4. About 20% of the women have with flat or inverted nipples, which can cause some trouble when trying to get baby to latch on to the nipples properly. This is easily solved by using a breast pump for a few minutes before breast feeding. It will pull out the nipples so that the baby shall feed at ease.

Electric Breast Pump


When you have Breast Engorgement

5. An electric Breast pump can be of great help in the case of breast engorgements, ie, when your breasts are overfull of milk, which will be very painful. This usually occurs when a mother makes more milk than her baby uses. When your breasts become firm and swollen, it would be hard for the baby to breastfeed. So, when you face such an issue, you can use a breast pump and express enough milk to provide relief from pain.

Help the baby feed

6. Some of the infants might be unable to latch on to the breasts because of a birth defect like a clip lip or palate. In these cases, as it is mandatory for the baby to consume breast milk, bottle feeding is the only option, which can be done using a breast pump.

Need some rest?

7. While it may seem simple as it is, breast feeding can easily wear any mother out occasionally. But, when you have a bottle of breast milk available, it will help the mother to take a quick nap/rest.

Have a backup supply!

8. Also, a breast pump would come in handy when you would like to have a supply ready, which can be stored in freezer. An electric breast pump will be right choice for this.

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Basics Components

The basic parts of a breast pump will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and over the types - from electric breast pump to manual breast pump. But some of these parts are typical and can be found in almost all the Breast Pump sets, which includes - a Nipple shield, the pump and a storage container.

Nipple Shield: also known as flange, it nothing but a nipple shaped silicone shield that fits over the nipple covering the breast during a feeding, allows a vacuum to be applied to the breast, helps the sucking.

Breast Pump: With the creation of a vacuum around the nipple due to the nipples shield, it is drawn into the tunnel of the breast pump, and the areola pressed against the flange creates the gentle vacuum that expresses milk.

Storage Container: with the help of the tubes attached in the breast pump, the expressed milk is then transported to the detachable storage container.


Types of Breast Pump


In general, breast pump can be classified in to three types:

  1. Manual breast pump – as the name suggests, depends on hand and leg actions i.e has to be worked manually.
  2. Battery-powered breast pump – it functions just like the manual breast pump but with the help of batteries.
  3. Electric breast pump – a much efficient breast pump than the other two – more powerful and more comfy.

If you are interested in any of the above types, you can buy breast pump online in india from Shycart.


Manual Breast Pump

After placing the nipple shield over your breast, you have to squeeze the handle of the a plunging device to create a rhythmic vacuum that will stimulate your breast and make the milk flow. At first, you may need both hands to work the pump, as it purely depends on elbow grease. However, you'll probably get soon used to one-handed pumping, after continuous usage. Also, there are foot pedal pumps which depend on your lower body strength to create same suction action.

While the manual breast pumps are cheap and nice to have around when you just want to pump a little milk, when you want to pump milk to feed the baby later, it is not a viable option as each session would take at the least 45 minutes.

Manual Breast Pumps are available at shycart and you shall buy breast pump online in shycart anywhere from India. Safe and secure delivery are guaranteed.

Battery-Powered and Electric breast pump

These breast pump happen to be hands free as they get the power from AA or C batteries or through a cord which connects the motor to an electrical outlet, allowing enough power to drain breasts quickly and completely, unlike those of manual breast pump.

As some of the electric breast pump comes with two suction units, women can get 200% efficacy by double pumping both breasts at the same time, which cannot be done with the case of a manual breast pump.

Different electric breast pump comes with different options and features. One of the most loved features of an electric breast pump is how the power can be adjusted to create different patterns of suction. Some of the users and reviewers claim that this feature – the adjustable suction helps a user to find the setting which closely mimics her nursing baby.

The shortcomings of using a Battery-Powered or an Electric breast pump is they are they happen to be bit expensive. Also, as these breast pump are completely dependent on some form of power source, women who are using powered breast pump should be prepared for emergency situations when electricity or extra batteries may not be available. As breastfeeding you child is not an option, either storing your breast milk in advance or having an extra set of supplies for pumping and a back-up method, such as a manual breast pump, may help a woman maintain her breast pumping schedule during an emergency.

You should get yourself one or help get any friend of your's who happens to be a new mom. You can buy breast pump india at shycart, who's expertise you can rely on.


Pumping Types


Basically, there are just two different pumping types: One is single and the other is double.


This pumping type will extract milk from one breast at a time. Almost all of the battery-powered pump and manual breast pump are single pump.


A double pumping type can be used to extract milk from both breasts at the same time. Separate breast shield or nipple shield would be attached to each breast to stimulate both nipples at a time. This type of breast pump can cut down the time you spend expressing, because you’re pumping both breasts in the time it takes you to do one. That is, double the productivity. However, as the name says that they are double, they do tend to be bigger than single pumps. This means, they occupy more space and are less portable.

Both the types are available at shycart and you shall buy breast pump from any corner in India, which will be delivered to you safe and sound.

You can also read more about the benefits of using a breast pump in our blog about Mom's Care.

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