Can pumping damage breast tissue?

Can pumping damage breast tissue?

Breast Tissue Damage

As addressed in the title, there is a chance the breast pump damages the breast tissues. When the setting of the breast pump is set at high speed, it can cause irreversible tissue damage to the breasts. When the pump is used for a long time it can cause breast tissue damages. Doctors advise therefore not to use the pumps for a longer period and use only at regular intervals.

They also warn that if the mother experience pain during the fast suction, it indicates she’s experiencing the tissue damage. If she continues to operate the pump in such fashion, ultimately it causes a let-down. Meaning the mother could only generate a small amount of milk or no milk at all.

Apart from the breast tissue damage issue, there are other various setbacks of using the breast pump without precaution. They are:

Not Hygienic for the Baby

If bottles of milk are served to babies, the health of babies can go down. It is because of the depletion of nutrients due to the storage, freezing and reheating activities.

Growth of Microorganisms

If the bottle is not properly sterilized daily, there is a high chance of contamination by bacteria and fungus in the containment bottle.

Bottle Rot

When the baby feeds on to a bottle, the teeth of the baby gets decayed due to its constant contact with the milk. This will lead to the teeth decaying and this is called the Bottle Rot.

Wrong Setting Fiasco

If the settings of the pump are abnormal and the suction is set at high speed, the mother can experience nipple trauma or sore nipples.

Too much of Pumping

This is one serious problem in the breast pumping. The excessive pumping of milk can lead to a high level of hormones in the mother’s body and hence result in Breast Engorgement. This means swelling of breasts and painful pumping experience.

Baby’s Confusion

If the baby’s feeding practice is constantly changed, there is a chance it gets confused between its mom’s nipples and a bottle’s nipples. It starts to suck its mom’s nipples hard as it does with a bottle and lead to sore nipples for mom.

The Emotional Connect

When a mother feeds her baby herself, she can grow a bond with her baby and the baby too identifies its mom. The pumping process deprives this emotional connect.

Mom’s Recovery Delay

It is said that the Oxytocin hormone helps in recovering the mom faster in the post-delivery period. This hormone generates only if the mom breastfeeds her baby. So the breast pumping delays the recovery of the mom.

Increased Stress

Stress takes a serious toll on a woman’s health. It, in turn, reduces the milk generation in the breasts. So by seeing overall, breast pumps reduce the milk supply in a woman’s body.

Cost of Breast Pumps

Today many people don't know that there are breast pumps available in India. Even if they do, the breast pumps are fallaciously painted as an expensive product in their minds. But it's not true! There are umpteen varieties of low priced breast pumps available online in India starting from Rs.1375. Of course, the electric breast pumps are the high-end breast pump variant and electric breast pumps price ranges from Rs.4,650 to Rs.32,999. 

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Modified on 11 Jul, 2019

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