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Moods cool lube - ky lubricating jelly

Moods cool lube - ky lubricating jelly

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One Moods Cool gel and One KY Lubricating jelly

Moods cool lube

Cooling sensation

Moods cool lubes are known to give a cooling sensation to the applied region. It sensitizes the intimate skin and gives it a soft and silky touch. Cool lubes can be very effective when the friction between the genital increases. This friction causes uneasiness and discomfort. Personal lubricant acts as a protective layer and provides a soothing effect. Additionally, cool lube gives a tingling sensation that can turn out to be joyful and exciting. With proper usage, personal lubricants can enhance your sexual experiences.

Effective lubrication

 Moods cool lube gives an effective lubrication required for penetrations. Penetrations can be painful if the right amount of lubrication is not present. The body is sometimes unable to produce enough lubrication on its own. Therefore, a personal lubricant is required to tackle the issues caused by the lack of natural lubrication. The cool lube soothes the nerves of the vaginal walls and gives a chilling sensation. Also, they are water-based lubricants and easy to wash off. Personal lubricants can be used during foreplays as well for sexual arousals.

Prevents dryness

Dryness in the genitals is the leading cause of discomfort and irritation in the intimate skin. This happens due to the inefficiency of the body to produce natural lubrication. Intimate skin is prone to dryness during intercourse. Penetrations could thus lead to abrasions and bruises in the genitalia. Therefore, to reduce the friction and make the sexual experience playful rather than painful, personal lubricants must be used effectively. Personal lubricants are the best way to compensate for the lack of lubrication and overcome the problems of genital dryness. The soothing sensations of the cool lube are an added advantage.

KY Jelly lubricants

Water soluble

KY Jelly lubricants are water-based lubricants. They are soluble in water and get easily washed off from the skin. Also, they don’t leave any stain and gets completely removed by thorough cleaning. Water-based lubricants are skin-friendly and easy to use. Water-based lubricants do not host bacteria or any other infectious germs, so they are safe to use. Just take a few drops of KY Jelly lubricant in your hands and apply it over your genitals. After you are done with it, just wash them off using mild soap and water.

Jelly form

This personal lubricant is available in a jelly form. It allows the lubricant to have a dense layer and a firm grip over the applied region. This enhances the sexual intercourse and masturbation experiences when applied over the genitals. A small amount of this personal lubricant is sufficient to provide moisture for pleasurable penetrations. The thick consistency of this lube can be helpful during anal sex as excess lubrication is required.

Compatible with sex toys

The KY Jelly lubricant is compatible with most of the latex condoms. Most of the silicon and oil-based lubricants destroy the surface of latex condoms making them ineffective.KY Jelly, being a water-based lubricant, has no compatibility issues with latex condoms. It can also be used along with the sex toys to enhance the solo sex experience. Sex toys are a great way to enhance sexual pleasure. To make them even more effective, use this personal lubricant along

Product features

  • Water-based lubes
  • Easy to use
  • User-friendly
  • No stains and Non-greasy

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