Is it a period or a broken hymen?

The common thing about period blood and broken hymen is that both of them are signified by a loss of blood through the vaginal opening.  The easiest way to know the difference is by checking its consistency and colour. But, how do you do that? Let’s understand how this works!

What is a hymen?

A hymen is a thin line of tissue that stretches out around the vaginal opening. It helps in the genital development by keeping germs and dirt out of the vaginal region.  It does not cover the opening entirely so that the menstrual fluid flows out easily. The hymen can be subjected to tearing in situations involving strenuous activities. Also, it can be stretched or even torn by the use of tampons, sex toys or even masturbation.

How is a broken hymen different than period blood?

Period blood usually has a thicker consistency and is a bit darker in colour. This is due to the fact that it is not just blood but the inner uterine lining being shed! Therefore, it has a characteristic thickness. On the other hand, blood from a torn hymen is usually bright in colour. So, by observing these factors you may easily figure out whether it is period blood or the one from a broken hymen.


You may easily get confused with the kind of blood that flows out of your vaginal opening but the important thing here is to stay calm because it’s completely natural! Consult a doctor if you find any inconvenience during your regular menstrual cycle. If you’re still left with some doubts, post it on our Q&A section and we’ll try our best to answer it for you! 

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Modified on 09 Apr, 2019

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