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Facts about the early puberty

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What is early puberty?

When a child's body starts changing into an adult too earlier, it is considered as early puberty. Girls who have signs of puberty before age 7 are known as precocious puberty. Changing in body shape and size, rapid growth of bones and muscles are fair indication of puberty. Boys also acquire puberty between ages 9-14.However the root causes of puberty can't be found. Typical conditions such as tumours, hormone disorders might lead to precocious puberty.

What are the changes that occur during puberty?

Breast Development:

Development of breasts is the first sign of puberty. It can happen before age of eight and you feel delicate when touched. Girls will get first periods after one year of breast development.

Pubic hair:

Growing of public hair is often followed by breast development. You just notice hair on public area such as under arms, legs and female's membrane. It usually begins from vaginal lips and it spreads in the thighs as well.

Growth Spurt:

Increase in bone density and growth of bones is associated with puberty. It will lead to growth spurt in an average growth of about 3.5 inches a year. Bone mineralization gets increased around the onset of periods for girls.

Weight Gain and other changes:

There will be changes in body weight and their composition. Increase in the working capacity of the organs such as lungs and heart due to maturity.

What are the factors that lead to puberty?

Here are the facts that are likely to contribute to early puberty.  Obesity, food stuff and chemicals used in plastics and cosmetics are the core reasons.


There will be high level of insulin secreted if obese. In overweight children, it will convert hormones into more oestrogens which will make the way to early puberty.


Most probably the plastic and cosmetics are composed of chemicals such as phthalates. It will affect the hormones and it creates mess with functionalities of the body. This might be one of the factors for early puberty.



Hormones in food:

Non-organic food stuff such as dairy and meats develop imbalance in hormones and contributes to early puberty as they are loaded with chemicals. A child with low nutrient diet paves the way for it.

How to avoid it?

It is advisable to avoid non-organic meat and animal’s foods. Intake of rich protein and green vegetables will keep you in a safe range. Exercise is the best thing to cut down your obesity and add best to eliminate potatoes, pasta etc. Avoid synthetic based cosmetics and plastic materials and try to substitute with organic products.

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Modified on 10 Apr, 2019

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