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Ovulation test kit - a complete review

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Ovulation test kit - a complete review

What is ovulation test kit?

An ovulation test kit is a medical kit used to detect ovulation in women, the days during which women have a high possibility of conception. It is easy to use and helps to increase your chances of conception by determining the ovulation period. Once you get a positive result on an ovulation test, then it is the best time to have the intercourse to get pregnant.

How does it work?

It is specifically designed to detect the existence of a hormone called Luteinizing hormone (LH) present in your urine. It causes your ovary to develop enzymes.  The enzymes, in turn, causes the dominant follicle to rupture and release the egg into the fallopian tube towards the uterus and this process is called ovulation. At that time, you need to have sex with your partner before ovulation to about 24 hours because the main reason is that sperm can manage to be alive for up to three days, perhaps an egg cannot sustain beyond 24 hours later ovulation. So you will be able to figure out the ovulation date that will increase your chances of getting conceived by using this kit calculate ovulation date. Buy ovulation test kit online in India from Shycart, test your ovulation from home.

Ovulation test kit

When can I take the test?

It is advisable to take your test during mid-cycle because a small amount of LH is produced throughout the period days. It will dramatically rise in the middle of the cycle and facilitate ovulation. Besides, you need to undergo the test on the perfect day of the month. It is preferred the best time to take the test around the mid-afternoon.

How to use and read the results?

Follow the instructions carefully as per the guide. Place the LH test vertically into the urine cup for just ten seconds. Within three to five minutes, the results can be read depending upon the coloured bands to appear. If the test band has an equal or greater intensity than the colour band, then the result is positive and you are having probably LH. If the test band has a lesser intensity compared to the control band or not visible, then the result is negative Ovulation schedule. Understand in detail about what is ovulation test kit

What to do with the results?

Positive:-  You may ovulate in the next 24 to 48 hours.

Negative:- The Luteinizing Hormone (LH) in your body released may not be detected. You should continue testing regularly at the same time on the subsequent days.

Is there any chance to give false reports?

Yes, if you have not used properly according to the instructions Ovulation cycle chart. Please do not perform the test too early in the morning and testing can be done to previously or delay in the period's cycle. Certain hormonal medications can also lead to false reports. Please seek advice from the doctor to confirm the results if you take medication. Don’t read the results after ten minutes since it is highly likely to give false results.

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Modified on 26 Aug, 2019

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