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Digital basal thermometer

Digital basal thermometer

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Digital basal thermometer determines the basal temperature of the body and helps you in the estimation of your ovulation period with high accuracy. A basal thermometer is easy to use and is an effective means to keep a track of your fertile to help you in planning for pregnancy.

Buy Digital Basal Thermometer online in India

Know the best time to get pregnant! Digital Basal Thermometer allows women to determine the temperature of their body for basal body temperature (BBT) charting. BBT is specially designed to track the fertility and chart the dates with pinpoint accuracy easily and safely.

Basal body temperature is the lowest temperature of the body while at rest. Ideally, BBT should be measured before getting out of bed or after at least three hours of sleep. It’s a known fact that the best fertile days of women are during the time of ovulation. Ovulatory phase brings about a rise in temperature of the body.

Therefore, the difference in degree temperature during normal days and ovulation days forms the basis of this method. Using Digital basal thermometer is an effective way to figure out the best days for successful conception. By taking a reading every morning with the basal body thermometer, you can determine when ovulation is likely to occur.

You should buy digital basal thermometer online India because this high precision digital thermometer records up to changes in one-tenth of a degree temperature. It also offers charting function, memory recall and beeps at the peak temperature. It performs a beeping tone when the peak temperature is registered.

What is Basal Temperature?

Basal body temperature is the lowest temperature of the body during rest. Lowering of the normal temperature of a person immediately upon waking in the morning, measured after a restful night's sleep but before getting out of bed. It should be measured at the same time every morning.

You can accurately track your ovulation cycle as a slight increase in basal temperature indicates ovulation or fertility. Since ovulation ordinarily happens only once during each menstrual cycle, charting basal temperature can be helpful in determining its occurrence and planning your pregnancy.

If you find hard time to keep track of your ovulation and planning pregnancy recently, then buy digital basal thermometer online India! This basal thermometer recalls your last reading and it also comes with a 12-month supply of ovulation charts which can be very handy when tracking your cycles.

How to take the basal body temperature?

  1. It is always better to take the BBT after at least three hours of continuous sleep.
  2. Take the basal temperature after waking up in the morning.
  3. Make a graph with dates and the temperature.
  4. After several months you can find out the ovulation days and increase the chances of conceiving.

What are the benefits of Digital Basal Thermometer?

Basal temperature is usually used to determine the appropriate ovulation period for conception. It can also be used to avoid pregnancy by determination of the post-ovulatory phase where there is no ovum present for fertilization. The temperature around this time either drops or remains stagnant.

Sperm can live up to a period of 5 days or more making it necessary to know the ideal time for conception or to avoid the same.  The use of the Digital Basal thermometer is more preferential as it reduces the necessity to intake contraception medicines.

Product Features

  • Indicates the peak temperature with sound.
  • Displays temperature along with memory recall of last reading.
  • Well equipped with accuracy to a 100th of a degree and quick 60-second readout.
  • Includes a 12-month supply of ovulation charts.
  • A storage case and replaceable LR41 long-life battery are included as well.
  • Best quality with high accuracy.

Product specification

  • 1 replaceable battery and ovulation charts.
  • Display - Liquid crystal display.
  • Battery - 1.5 Volt and Life – 100 hours (continues operation)
  • Range – 86.6°F – 109.4°F
  • Weight – 10.5gram.

So, what are you waiting for? Buy the Digital Basal Thermometer today and increase your chances of pregnancy by keeping a track of your fertile days!

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Digital basal thermometer - Infographics

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Buy Digital Basal Thermometer online in India

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Satisfied -
I m satisfied with the products u had sent me
customer handling good -
I m satisfied with the products u had sent me
Job well done -
I m satisfied with the products u had sent me
Accurate reading -
This is good product very accurate. Awesome product!
Absolute result -
It's a very excellent product. Works well....Very happy with this purchase.....
Exact temperatures -
Works as needed for a best price and good quality.
Best product -
Awesome product! -
Excellent Product to track lady's basal body temperature which measures 1/100th of degree and accurate to calculate make basal charts, Very easy to use. Must have Product for every female...
Accurate result -
It's a great product at the very good price. Detection and nice alarm system. Accurate temp.
Great Product, No issues -
Great Works. Accurate and reliable. wish I would have splurged for one with a light. Thought it wouldn't matter but it would be helpful. It takes up to two minutes to get a reading. I keep it right next to my bed. The readings are up to the hundredth. They seem accurate to me. I get different numbers often as opposed to the same preset numbers on other thermometers. Great price and works well! Would highly recommend!
Great Thermometer -
I bought it online from Shycart, I started using this product with the ovia app, and I'm not 6 weeks pregnant. So I'd say it works very well.
awesome product so accurate... -
I like this thermometer because it is very easy to use and accurate to calculate make basal charts. I also like that it beeps when the temperature is ready so you don't have to count the time to remove it. It's a very excellent product. Must have Product for every woman.
Like it -
Good but as I mentioned earlier please improve your delivery in terms of packaging.
Good quality -
Good but as I mentioned earlier please improve your delivery in terms of packaging.

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