How to know what condoms to buy?

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How to know what condoms to buy?

How to know what condoms to buy? This is the first question that first-time condom user gets when he is planning safe sex. Well, the answer to this question is subjective. And it totally depends on your preferences. But a few heads up can help you find the ideal and best condoms for first-time sex or nth time sex. Read this blog to find what condoms to buy.

There are ample varieties/types of condoms available in today's market. All these types have their own and unique features for the betterment of sexual intercourse. So it is important for you to define what you need before choosing it. While choosing, you should be aware of the size of your penis which helps you in choosing the appropriate condom size. Because if you don't care this and order condoms online that doesn't fit you, then the chances are pretty high for condoms to break and consequently, you might end up with pregnancy. So check out the different types of condoms and its features which might give you a little heads up and help you find the ideal and best condoms for first-time sex.

1. Coloured Condoms - To suit your mood and you can give her the colour that she goes crazy for. Green, yellow, pink, purple? The choice is yours and no hassles, we got them all. You Name it and we have it!

2. Cooling condoms - It gives you both, cooling sensation while having vaginal intercourse. Sounds Cool! Ain't it?

3. Dotted Condoms - These condoms are designed to have dots on its outer surface. These dots will tickle her erogenous spot to flicker your sex.

4. Flavoured Condoms - Simply, these are for oral sex. Get rewarded by rewarding her favourite flavour.

5. Extra Lubricated Condoms - These condoms are for the smooth ride and it will accord you pain-free sex

6. Long lasting Condoms - These condoms help you last all night. It will help you have sex for a prolonged time by delaying the climax with the special lubricant in it.

7. Ultra-thin condoms - For realistic and nothing-in-between feel. Ultra-thin condoms are ideal and best for first sex.

8. Ribbed Condoms - Just like dotted condoms, these condoms will have rib structure on its outer surface. Ribbed condoms are for increase sexual pleasure and it will never fail to amuse you.

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Modified on 24 Jun, 2020

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