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Do ribbed condoms feel good

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Ribbed condoms are textured condoms that are specially designed to heighten the sexual pleasures for both partners along with safety and protection against sexually transmitted diseases. They are designed to give more pleasure for her while providing comfort and more sensations to the male partner. Explore different brands and textures and discover the one that works best for you and your partner.

Ribbed condoms for her pleasure

Every woman is different and so her choices are different too. Some women find ribbed condoms provide enhanced pleasure and enjoy the extra stimulations. The ridged texture provides intensifying pleasure for both the partners. Whereas some women who are sensitive find the extra friction too much and don’t enjoy the moments. When you are bored of using plain condoms, it is time to experiment with textured condoms like ridged, dotted and studded to bring extra fun to your love-making sessions.

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Modified on 17 Nov, 2020

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