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Cooling condoms for a chill thrill

Unlike the regular condoms, cooling condoms are created for a more passionate and thrilling experience. They come with a special cooling lubricant on both sides, which provides nice cool sensations to both partners. This tingling sensation is a whole new experience that doesn't come with regular condoms.

Cool condom brands

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Skore cool condoms
Kamasutra chill thrill

Buy cool condoms online and design your lovemaking sessions more intimate and unforgettable. Check out the specification, reviews and usage instructions online.

How do they work

Cooling condoms come with a special cooling lubricant inside out of a condom, for superior sensation and pleasure. This cool yet unusual feeling that happens during penetration is a never before experience. They give a cool effect to your hot sessions which helps your intimate moments last longer.

How do cool condoms feel

Cooling condoms include a special lubricant that helps you to indulge in long and passionate penetrative sexual encounters. The icy cool thrilling sensation is provided for the female partner to drive her crazy. It gives enhanced pleasure and fun-filled experience.

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