Five things not-to-do with body shapers

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Five things not-to-do with body shapers

When it comes to improving your posture and good outfit, Body shapers are the best to make us feel good in terms of comfort and effectiveness. It grabs attention among one hundred of eyes and it is malleable skin coloured product that offers you a trimmed structure. Here are the following points that should not to be done with it.


Avoid wearing while sleeping

 Like any other tight garment, body shapers should not be worn during sleeping, since your muscles will be relaxing at that time and it might result in some blood circulation issues. If you do so, you might get frustrated and annoyed and even feel uneasy after you wake up.

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Avoid wearing immediately after giving birth


It is advisable not to be used immediately after postpartum. It will be harmful to your uterus muscles and abdomen. It is recommended to be used after two or three months. You need to consult before you proceed whether delivery is normal or caesarean. Post-partum delivery belt can also be used to flatten your belly pouch. But before that, all you need is to consult your physician before using it.


Avoid work out while wearing it


Exercise is an essential fact that keeps us healthy and hygienic life. But it is not good practice to use Body shapers while workout. If you do so, it leads to skin irritation and blister due to sweating.


Don't wear before applying powder on your skin


These days, Body shapers are designed to be very comfortable and it is recommended to apply some talcum powder before wearing it.  It very clearly leads to irritation and also it should not be worn for more than seven hours.


 Don't Skip your diet

Body shapers will improve your posture and it regains your body shape but it is no surrogate for health benefits of good nutrition. In-take of healthy supplements is an important element to enhance your energy and it also reduces the risk of diseases.

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Modified on 24 Jul, 2019

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