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Nursing bra - what every feeding mother should know?

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Nursing bra - what every feeding mother should know?

What is nursing bra?

Breastfeeding is an essential thing and it enriches with vitamins, antibodies and nutrition that is needed to keep your baby healthy for proper growth and development. But due to some hormonal changes, there is an enlargement to your breast cup size and it is more sensitive to touch. A women's breast expands considerably during pregnancy that usually starts around third month and your breasts starts milk production by producing a mammary gland called colostrum. Many women had experienced discomfort to feed their young infants. To overcome this, nursing bra looks like a regular fashion bra which is specifically designed to make breastfeeding simple and it comes as a boon to every nursing mother.


 Why should I use it?

 It provides support and comfort when your breast expands heavier and becomes more sensitive. It is simple to open the cup with single hand for feeding to your hungry infant quickly. It also helps to develop your nipple for breastfeeding as most of the child finds it difficult and inconvenient during lactation. It also helps to prevent from leakage of milk by inserting breast pads inside it while you are not nursing. It is very soft to make feeding easy.


 How to use it?

 Wear the nursing bra on your body to the centre of each bra cup as you did for a normal bra. It comes with cups that are attached only at the band and has a clip at the front of the shoulder that can open or lower by unzipping or unhooking the closure while nursing your baby. It can also be applicable when you pump your breast milk by using Breast pump. After feeding, close it by hooks or zip tightly to avoid the leakage of milk.


 Comparison with maternity bra

 A maternity bra is mainly designed to support your enlarging breast and chest muscles during pregnancy. It is featured with wider straps, soft cotton lining and additional hooks. Perhaps Nursing bra is similar to maternity bra, except it provides easy opening for nursing. It allocates more room in account to milk production.  Most of the women prefer to use maternity bra at the first half of pregnancy and use nursing bra around the last month of pregnancy because there are chances of leakage of milk at that time.


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Modified on 24 Jul, 2019

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