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12 things every newly married couple should know

12 things every newly married couple should know

The 12 things which newly married couples should know is

Increased Frequency of Sex

Most of them will say that a healthy sex life is more than just frequency all said and done frequency is an important factor. It is well known that Sexual frustration leads to arguments and fights outside bedroom. Denial to each other brings in unnecessary frustration and temptation in marriage.

Sexual Fidelity

Yes u read it right sexual fidelity is the most important thing. Like they say in India “a man for a woman or a woman for a man”. Monogamy is the only way a marriage can be made to work. Never look outside marriage to fulfil your sexual needs. So it becomes the duty of both husband and wife to fulfil each other’s sexual desires. Never bring another person in your marriage life not even in fantasies yes not even porn in your bedroom. The impacts of watching porn is really bad. God has gifted sex as an intimate thing between husband and wife alone.

Communication is the key

Young couples should have an vibrant communication with each other. Talk to each other a lot, flirt with each other a lot, open up to each other, know each other very well. This helps in  having a great sex life as well. Guys should help their wives in daily chores as this exercise adds a lot of intimacy.

Never use sex as leverage

Some couples use sex as reward or denying sex as punishment to each other especially women. Never use sex as leverage, this is a very wrong practice as what this does in long run is it cheapens the power of sex , causes resentment and breaks the trust and intimacy.

Enjoy SEX!

Sex is supposed to be fun, so enjoy it! As you do, you’ll find your stress levels decreasing, your laughter increasing, and a more positive outlook on life together. The happiest couples I know seem to be the ones who make a vibrant and frequent sex life a priority in their marriage.

Spend more time with each other whenever possible

Initially spending more time with each other is good as after a while you may get busy with all other worldly things so before that give maximum time to each other. 

Talk and discuss a lot about Sex

Talking and discussing about sex with each other is one of the most enjoyable and fuuniest activity. Listen to each other’s fantasies and never blow anything off that your partner says. Listen to it and enjoy the moment.

Hang out with other couples as well

Just being with each other also will get boring, so hang out with your friends preferably couple friends and plan a lot of activities. This keeps up the momentum and you will feel great.

Plan a date out once a week atleast

Well going out on a date like those in love days is unbeatable, so plan a romantic date once a week atleast.

Plan and celebrate your spouse birthdays and other important days

Well after marriage make a point to remember the important days in each other’s life and make a neat plan to celebrate it for each other’s happiness.

Be Adventurous

When we say be adventurous it means both outdoor and indoor as well. Plan for adventurous activities with each other as intimacy grows in new environment and surroundings. At the same be adventurous and experimental in the bedroom as well because sometimes same routine sex gets boring and you may start losing interest in sex itself. So get adventurous and keep up the zing. 

Finally planning the child

Well it all comes to this point having a child so all couples should know that it’s a joint decision and so should be planned together and planned perfectly with perfect timing so that you are ready to welcome the new guest.

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Modified on 31 Dec, 2018

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