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Disposable breast pads - what are they used for?

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Disposable breast pads - what are they used for?


Naturally many women starts to think and make a line-up of baby stuff "must haves" such as diapers, burp clothes, Baby nail clippers, baby oil and teether when she had given birth to child. But at the same time women really need some kind of products that are really useful to them and even to their babies. Among them, nursing pads are one of the most useful products when they are Breastfeeding.


How to avoid the milk leakage?

Breast pads are one of the breastfeeding accessories, also termed as nursing pads. It mainly helps to prevent leakage of milk during or after breastfeeding. Leaking is a natural factor and mostly occurs when the milk in breast becomes full. It also occurs for no reason and when you closely move with your partner. It is mainly categorised into two types such as disposable breast pads and reusable breast pads. Of the two, disposable bra pads serve you in a better manner in terms of health, super absorbent quality, comfortable and no need of washing.

Is it only for working woman?

No. It is mainly useful for Working Women. Besides, it can be used by home-makers as well. It is really needful if you have face problems kind of soreness and cracked nipples, if you have sexual intercourse with your partner, if you are going to work in an office and if you are travelling somewhere for few hours without your infant.

How to use?

Make sure your breasts are clean. It is advised to be washed with warm water. Place it inside your bra and place it near the centre of your nipple. Replace the new pad as soon as possible if older one gets wet. Because wearing wet pad leads to milk leakage and will create a strain on your clothes.


It helps your nipple to be dry and keeps you healthy. Disposable pads come with a sticky clinging on the back to avoid retraction from your nipple. It is portable and makes you comfortable. People used it in many things apart from breastfeeding like cleaning mirrors and glass tables, removing nail polish, keeping under leakage in pipes as it has super absorbent gel system.

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Modified on 25 Jul, 2019

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