Go green with nurture sanitary pads

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Go green with nurture sanitary pads

Few women experience symptoms such as chronic infection or vaginal infection, allergic feminine irritation during or after periods. Gynaecologists say that four percent of one hundred women have these symptoms and it worsens around the time of Menstruation. When it comes to products, it is necessary to chose lubes, condoms and sanitary protection. Doctors specialised in gynaecology suggest that their choice of sanitary products may be the root of all causes. To overcome this,Nurture sanitary padshelps to prevent from itching and rashes and keeps you comfortable and dry. Here are the few benefits of Nurture.

Synthesised Natural cotton

It is fabricated with 100% Natural cotton and helps you to get through at ease around the time of your Monthly periods and it is naturally breathable. Perhaps most disposable pads built with high composition of ingredients such as polyacrylates, chlorine-bleached wood pulp etc. lead to allergic reactions. Nurture is the best solution that aims to keep you healthy and hygienic.

Free from chlorine

Hygienic Products come to market with extra white due to chlorine bleaching. It has a tendency to permit dioxins in the product and it causes cancer when you just have not altered the pads properly every three or four hours. Whereas Nurture comes with Chlorine free pads and doesn't have any side effects.


Kill bacteria and avoids from itching

Mostly women suffered from irritation, skin allergies and itching due to chemical ingredients in Disposable pads. Nurture comes with silver ion chip that helps to afford anti-fungal and anti-bacterial action. It is mainly used to defeat 99.9% of bacteria and other pathogens. It is suitable for both sensitive and non-sensitive women. Nurture is hypo allergic pad that keeps you free from irritation since it is built with 100% cotton.

Perfume free and avoid from Leakage

It comes with fragrance free in order to avoid exposing odour during their periods and wing wraps allows you with added protection such as leakage control channels and liquid-locking absorbent core against leakage.

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Modified on 24 Jul, 2019

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