Peeing position for women - women can stand and pee

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Peeing position for women - women can stand and pee

What is Gogirl?

 Gogirl, a urinating device specially designed for women that helps to urinate from a standing position like men do. It is made of medical grade silicone, and is a comfortable sanitary device. It accommodates easily in your pouch, pocket or glove compartment. It is easy to use once you practice one or two times besides being a portable, hygienic and reusable product.

Why it is to be used?

There is a possibility to piss from standing upright for women without device and it is being followed since ancient times. But practically it is not possible in today's lifestyle owing to privacy. It is applicable to women who are doing outdoor activities such as camping, long journeys, boat riding, military, festivals and top of that it is much more reliable where the toilet facility is not available or avoid pissing in dirty toilets or porta-potties. It is an ideal solution for women to stand and pee in any sanitary place. It avoids spilling of urine from dresses and messing as it is possessed with patented splash guard material. It is also applicable to patients who are not even able to sit in the bed.

How to use it?

There is an excitement to go the bathroom, standing and piss by using this device is a whole new experience. First of all, make sure your hands are clean and unzip your pants. Hold it by using your thumb and middle finger, stretching from front to back. Place a device that form a seal with the genital and start to pee. It may break the seal in the back when you giving too much pressure on their sides.

 Is it reusable?

 Yes, it is easy to reuse and friendly product. Wash with soap and water after using. It dries quickly as it is made of silicone. Roll it up with a fresh tissue and place it in the tube for next use.


One recent customer from Bangalore stated that she purchased a lot of stand to pee devices and this one is the best and finds it to be too flexible, making it too easy for pee without spilling out on the sides.

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Modified on 24 Jul, 2019

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