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Disadvantages of Delay Spray for men

Disadvantages of Delay Spray for men

Disadvantages and side effects of Delay Spray in India

1. Always have to plan your sex

Since the delay spray ought to be applied right before having sex, one should always plan his sex ahead.

2. Decreased Pleasure

The main intended feature of the special chemical compound in the delay spray is to desensitize the penis, so one might be able to encounter the decreased pleasure when having sex.

3. Sometimes it desensitizes the partner

While having penetrative or oral sex, desensitization effect might be transferred to your partner resulting in decreased pleasure for both.

4. Might affect your erection

Some of the delay lubricants online are too strong or when you put on too much, there are high chances of reducing the sensation in the penis. Consequently, affecting the erection.

5. Not a solution

The long-lasting spray is not the solution for premature ejaculation. One should keep buying the delay spray for men every time he plans for sex.

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Modified on 25 Jun, 2019

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about 8 months ago
about 8 months ago

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