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Invigra Delay Spray - 12g - Long lasting - 5 to 10 minutes prolonged pleasure

Invigra Delay Spray - 12g - Long lasting - 5 to 10 minutes prolonged pleasure

Price: 450
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Buy Invigra Delay Spray online at Rs.450 in India. Delay Spray helps in climax delay and strong lovemaking. Delay spray helps in avoiding premature ejaculation. Check out the Invigra delay spray reviews and price, uses on shycart.com

Buy Invigra Delay Spray for Men in India

Invigra delay spray is mostly used by couples in bed to delay their ejaculation times. Generally, people use a specially designed climax delay condom to achieve the same kind of delayed pleasure. However, the biggest downside of this is that many couples do not prefer using a condom during their experience of lovemaking. Hence, a condom will not be suitable in these kinds of situations. People generally use delay sprays like Invigra delay condoms mainly for 2 reasons. The first reason is that they want to feel the real sensitivity and nothing should come between them and second, they would like to extend their duration of pleasure as long as possible.

Invigra spray is the best delay spray for men. This delay spray contains licodaine, which is used as the ejaculation delay lubricant. Licodaine is a specially formulated chemical that helps men, who are facing the problem of premature ejaculation. Men usually have an average ejaculation time from about 2 to 7 minutes. However, these times are not fixed, as the definition of having intercourse varies from each people.

Invigra Delay Spray - Product Information :

Type        Delay Spray/Long-lasting spray
Material  Lidocaine
Brand      Invigra
Weight    12 Grams
Quantity 1
Price Rs.450
Colour Colourless
Key Ingredients Benzocaine or Lidocaine
Safety Skin-friendly

Why should one use Invigra delay spray?

A delay spray is usually used to tackle the problem of premature ejaculation. Though the usage of a delay spray might be a temporary solution to premature ejaculation, it cannot be assumed to be a permanent solution for it. A delay spray can be used by men to delay the ejaculation time.

How to use Invigra Delay spray

Invigra Delay spray is very simple to use. Following are the steps to use Invigra delay spray.

Step 1: Shake the can properly before usage

Step 2: While keeping the can at a suitable distance of 5cm, take 2-3 sprays to apply to the desired area.

Step 3: Repeat the entire process until the entire area is covered

Invigra Delay spray Ingredients 

The main ingredients used in the Invigra Delay spray is Benzocaine or Lidocaine. The ingredients used in Invigra delay spray are 100% skin-friendly. However, one should make sure before using the spray that he or his partner is not allergic to the ingredients used in this delay spray.

General precautions for Invigra Delay Spray

Before using Invigra Delay Spray for Men, clean your penis.

After every use of delay spray, take an adequate amount of rest.

2-3 sprays for a single use during intercourse. Follow the instructions mentioned in the package.

Keep Invigra Delay Spray for Men in a cool place at below room temperature. Avoid keeping the spray in the refrigerator.

Avoid using hot water.

Advantages of Invigra Delay Spray for men

Delay in ejaculation time.

Couples enjoy to the core and get fully satisfied.

Invigra delay spray is a best long lasting spray in bed.

The main ingredient present in Invigra Spray is Lidocaine. It is commonly used compound that is acts an effective treatment for premature ejaculation. Invigra Spray is a highly trusted delay spray that helps couples to have sensual pleasure, long lasting experience in bed and experiencing an explosive orgasm in the end.

Buy Invigra Delay Spray for men from shycart and take the pride of your manhood and enjoy having a long lasting performance.

Invigra delay spray side effects

When you buy invigra delay spray online in India you will assured that all the ingredients used in this delay spray are skin friendly ingredients. So there is no side effects of using this Invigra delay spray. Invigra spray has been clinically tested. It is absolutely safe.

Invigra delay spray price in India

In India, Invigra delay spray cost is Rs.450 for a single can. This single can of Invigra Delay spray contains 12g of Delay spray.

Invigra delay spray reviews

Many of the customers who bought this product have rated it 5 stars and have also left positive feedback about Invigra delay spray. Some of them are “Best delay spray for climax delay”, “Great item”, “awesome”. To read more such comments and reviews, visit the product page on shycart of Invigra Delay spray.

Invigra delay spray benefits :

  • Allows delay in male orgasm.
  • Gives extreme fun and satisfaction.
  • Can prolong for a longer period of time without fall.

Where to purchase Invigra delay spray?

Invigra delay spray can be purchased from all the medical shops across India. However, it seems socially unacceptable for anyone to freely purchase these kinds of products in front of everyone. Even the shopkeeper, though he sells these products, is not very comfortable in showing all the various types available. To avoid all these embarrassment and awkwardness, you can easily purchase this Invigra delay spray with 100 % privacy from our online website.

Invigra delay spray - Infographic:-

Invigra delay spray reviews

About Invigra

Invigra condoms and other products are owned and manufactured by Leads Pharma. Leads Pharma is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in the world. Leads Pharma introduced Invigra sheath contraceptives in the international markets. This product really became successful in the global markets and Leads Pharma decided to continue this business into the Indian markets in the year 2007. Invigra condoms are available in various different types like dotted, ribbed, multi-textured, super thin, extra time and flavoured condoms.

Invigra delay spray - Video

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