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Is coconut oil safe as a lubricant during pregnancy?

Lubricants are important to make sexual intercourse more comfortable by reducing friction. If you are trying to conceive, using the right lubricant like fertility-friendly lubricants, increases the success rate of pregnancy. When you don't have the hold of a personal lubricant, you can use some natural and safe alternatives to lubes.

 Coconut oil as a lubricant

Is coconut oil safe as a lubricant during pregnancy? Coconut oil has good moisturizing properties that eliminate dryness and adds some moisture. Using unrefined coconut oil may make the product good to be used as a lube during intercourse. For women experiencing vaginal dryness, pain during sex and loss of fatty tissue, coconut oil may be helpful. For those with sensitive skin and allergies, coconut oil would be a safe lubricant since there are no toxins and added chemicals. 

However, there are also some potential risks of using coconut oil as lubricant

1. There is no sufficient research done to determine if coconut oil is safe as lubricant.

2. Not a good option when using condoms as oils might damage latex condoms.

3. The high pH in coconut oil can disrupt the natural pH balance of your vagina and might lead to vaginal infections.

4. May lead to yeast infections in some women.

5. It may stain your sheets. 

 What lubricant is safe to use during pregnancy?

There are a number of lubricants available in the market specifically intended for the purpose of intercourse. It is always the best option to use the tried and tested lubes as they are safe and effective. Water-Based lubricants are safe during pregnancy and make intercourse more enjoyable. 



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Modified on 17 Apr, 2021

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