Different types of condoms

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Different types of condoms

A condom is a safer form of protection that can help to reduce the risk of sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV/AIDS and prevent pregnancy when used correctly. It is used to collect the semen for birth control. It is usually made of latex or polyurethane. Latex is widely used in many countries and much more reliable. It comes in different shapes, length, and widths. Certain condoms are lubricated and are used to prevent breakage of condoms. Latex condoms should be used with water-based lubricants, strictly not to be used with oil-based lubricants since it leads to breaking down of condoms at the time of sexual intercourse. It is available for both men as well as women and one can buy condoms in India. Male condoms are designed to be placed over penis perhaps female condoms should be placed like a tampon inserted into female genital. We at Shycart have a variety of products that suit for enjoying your sexual ride.



Moods condoms:

Moods condoms are one of the world’s most bizarre in terms of quality. It comes with different types such as Moods all night long condoms, moods dotted condoms, moods flavoured condoms, moods Ultra-thin condoms and Moods xxx pleasure condoms. Moods products were entrenched by HLL Life Care Limited. The brand 'moods', came into the sexual business sector from mid-1968. Normally condoms is a sex hygiene item which controls the sexual infection and disease like HIV (aids). Mainly to maintain a strategic distance from undesirable pregnancies. Moods provide condom with Long last, Ribbed, Dotted, Flavors and Thin condoms with elastic latex. In an additional mixture, moods provide variety pack to make a day unique with your cherished one, which contains a combination of all types of condoms. Aside from condom, Lubricant plays a major role during intercourse for staying away from vaginal wetness. 


Moods all night long condoms:

It is made of latex with special ingredients such as benzocaine used to enhance the lovemaking process to the next level. It contains naturally lubricated condoms with reservoir tip. Moods all night condoms are perfect for couples who really want to impress female partner by prolonging their sex sessions. Moods all night extra condoms are the best condoms which ladies search for more excitement, satisfaction and pleasure with this condom. This is known for creating excitement, fulfilment, high pleasure, fun and enjoyment in the lovemaking. To get ready for a night full of action, time seems to stop with these All night condoms from Moods. These latex condoms are tested for quality and durability to provide you with protection all night long. Long-lasting Performance with these Pre-lubricated condoms specially formulated stimulant. These condoms will help you ensure a satisfying happy ending for both of you and your partner.                                 

Moods dotted condoms:

The best dotted condoms from Moods, which is known as Moods Silver 1500 dots. It helps you out to accelerate her clitoris to achieve climax as it comes with molded dots on the outside part. It has green lubricated condoms with reservoir tip.

Moods flavoured condoms:

It comes with the variety of fruit and ice cream flavours like Choco, vanilla, strawberry and banana. It fires up your sexual marathon and makes her move more intimate with you.

Moods ultra-thin condoms:

Moods ultra-thin is a pink coloured condom, very thin and specially designed for uninhibited joyous and it is made of natural rubber latex with a reservoir tip and give pure intimacy. Moods ultra-thin is a very good thin condom. Moods condoms made ultra-thin from a natural rubber latex for satisfaction. These super-thin condoms will make his / her intimate moments considerably intimate by their most of-not-there feel. They add a lot of excitement to lovemaking. This increases pleasure and increases the time of fun, heightens the pleasure. These moods condoms are a good choice for unrestrained lovemaking. Ultra-thin condoms from Moods gear up for a night of uninhibited pleasures.



Moods xxx pleasure:

Moods xxx condoms are ribbed dotted and it is made of the smooth and stretchable material that enhances your romance and greater sensitivity during your sexual intercourse.

Durex condoms:

Durex condom comes with a variety of types such as Durex taste me condoms, Durex real feel condoms and Durex vibrator ring.

Durex Taste me condoms:

Durex Taste me condoms provide a higher level of protection and come with fruit flavours such as banana, strawberry, and orange. It is better in fragrances and the free-spermicidal lubricated condom. It offers an extra sensation and more excitement during your lovemaking movements.

Durex real feel condoms:

It is made from non-latex polyisoprene and it has more elasticity and comfortable than natural rubber latex. It brings more fun and extra excitement during sex.

Durex vibrator ring condom:

It comes with a small vibrator ring in order to enhance sexual pleasure during love-making and it is a disposable and friendly product to the human body.

Kohinoor condoms:

Kohinoor condoms are made of a special lubricant called benzocaine that provides an extension of sexual pleasure and delay to achieve orgasms. It helps you multiply her excitement and makes you comfortable. In fact, you buy delay spray which is exclusively made of benzocaine or lidocaine to delay the climax and extend the untimely pleasure. 

KamaSutra Non-latex Condoms

Generall condoms are made from rubber latex. But KamaSutra Skyn is a non-latex condom. This is made of Poly-isoprene. Latex-free condoms are specially designed for men to latex allergy. Check out Ks SKYN original condoms are available in India.

Kamasutra Honeymoon Pack

Kamasutra honeymoon pack is an assorted pack of variety condoms. These different types of condoms help in keeping sexual experiences unique and exciting. It has condoms that are textured, flavoured, extra thin and many more. Buy Kamasutra Honeymoon surprise pack online at the best price! 

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