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Benefits Of Using A Breast Pump

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Benefits Of Using A Breast Pump

What is breast pump?

The breast pump is a mechanical device that extracts milk from the breasts of a lactating mother. And helps to store milk for feeding babies. When the mother is very busy at work. Breast pumps are lifesavers for working mothers. The breast pump is very useful to work mothers. It is a reality that women have to return to work shortly after their delivery hence, it is really difficult to breastfeed the baby on demand. Breast pumps are ideal for occasional pumping. Then Store it for later feeding. When the mother is away other members of the family can feed the stored milk to the baby. It is the best way for fathers and siblings to bond with the baby. Breast pumps also provide great relief to mothers whose breasts are overly full and engorged with breast milk.

Breast pumps may be manual devices powered by hand or foot movements or electrical devices powered by batteries or electricity from the grid. Buy breast pump online in India, explore a wide range of Breast Feeding Products from our collection which includes products from popular brands like Medela, Pigeon, Avent, Mee Mee, Chicco and more available in India. Buy breast pumps online in India at the Low cost with 100% privacy.

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Reasons for use

Women use breast pumps for a lot of reasons. Most of the women are use breast pumps to continue breastfeeding after they return to work. When they are using the breast pump that extracts milk from lactating mothers. It is later bottle fed to their child by a caregiver. The breast pump may also be used to stimulate lactation for women with low milk supply or those who have not just given birth. However, a breast pump is important to note that the amount of milk a woman is able to pump should not be compared to how much milk a baby can get; efficiency greatly varies.

A breast pump may be used to relieve engorgement, a painful condition whereby the breasts are overfull, possibly preventing a proper latch hospitalised by the infant. A mother may also choose to pump exclusively if her baby does not latch hospitalised after birth, or cannot nurse for physical reasons.

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If the mother needs to take medication that affects the breast milk and may be harmful to the infant, which is a very rare instance, the mother may "pump and dump" the breast milk to keep up her milk supply during the time period that she is on the medication and may resume nursing after the course of medication is completed. Pumping may be desirable to continue lactation and its associated hormones to aid in recovery from pregnancy even if the pumped milk is not used. Buy breast pump online in India, Shycart is the best seller for different types of breast pump.

In a 2012 policy statement, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommended feeding preterm infants human milk, finding "significant short- and long-term beneficial effects," including lower rates of necrotizing enterocolitis. When infants are unable to suckle, mothers can pump if they wish their babies to be fed with the mothers' own milk. Donor milk may be available from milk banks for babies who are not able to receive their mother's milk. Expressing milk for donation is another use for breast pumps.

Benefits Of Using A Breast Pump

A breast pump is providing your child with nature’s best defence. Breastfeeding also proves itself to be natural contraception, so till the time you are lactating your child, you will not conceive. This part is important because if you conceive then you will stop producing milk and you will have to switch to the less nutritious powdered milk kinds.

And also if you are busy working somewhere else and you have to leave your child in your house to a nanny to leave it somewhere else even to child daycare facilities, you can do so by providing your own milk to drink for your child, even when you are not around.

So if you are really busy you can always keep a bottle of milk pumped beforehand so that when your baby cries for hunger you have the milk ready. Even if you are uncomfortable with the ideas of feeding your child through breastfeeding, you can express your own milk by pumping.

Researchers have concluded that breastfeeding does protect mothers from breast cancers and endometrial cancers. This is also a natural protective mechanism. Else apart if you are given certain medications or if you are hospitalised and you are unable to feed your child directly from your breasts then you can use the breast pump. Especially if you are a gravimeter woman who has problems with correctly matching your child in you or expressing milk then pumping milk out for a few weeks can be an excellent option for you to do so.

And also for the mothers who have undergone any kind of breast surgery and they cannot be stimulated by suckling reflex they can use breast pumps to feed their children. So it doesn’t matter whether you are ill, travelling, away, working or anything else, pumping breast milk or breastfeeding for your child is really necessary to provide him or her nutritive substance it needs to grow.




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