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Sanitary pads – their history and importance in women’s hygiene

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Sanitary pads – their history and importance in women’s hygiene

Sanitary napkins

A natural process of menstrual cycle is always concerned as an essential thing for women's stamina and robustness during which body can  experience any hormone and psychological changes. Menstruation hygienic day is celebrated on 28th May all over the world. Most of the girls and women are unaware with different wholesome products and significance to health during menstruation. Menstrual pads have been constantly unstable from period to period on the basis of material and shape. Women have used different methodology to manage menstruation such as strips of cloth, cotton, bandages etc. Coming to the Sanitary napkins, cloth sanitary pads or organic sanitary napkins they are better in terms of usage.

Why choose it?

 Mostly disposable pads are made of some sort of chemicals such as chlorine, polyacrylates and plastic. Perhaps, doctors specialised in gynaecologists suggests women to use organic sanitary pads free of chlorine. It is convenient, breathable, sophisticated with good absorbency compared to all products and doesn't impact skin with irritation, allergies and cramps.

Comparison with Tampons

Pads are usually placed inside the underpants, whilst Tampons are placed inside the female genital to collect menstrual fluid. It is easy to use in terms of place your pad on underpants and dispose, perhaps tampons can be inserted and pulling down from the female genital by using inserter made of some sort of cotton. Tampons should not be used for more than 8 hours, which obviously causes fatal illness.

Pros and cons of it

It should be changed every 5 hours, instead of using a whole day like how you can buy menstrual cup online and enjoy the freedom (or) tampons. Some people feel disgusted to wash and reusable bloody pads, whilst it is convenient and easily dispose it after using it. According to the survey, a girl throws some lacs of pads in her life time that equals to one menstrual cup. However, despite of advantage of these products, it has not been adequate to rural areas of India. Finally you just have to find the right feminine organic products from your store for leading healthy life.

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Modified on 20 Aug, 2019

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