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Can I leave my diva cup in for 24 hours?

Can I leave my diva cup in for 24 hours?

Every best menstrual cup brand recommends that the maximum usage time for a menstrual cup is 12 hours. The menstrual cups are good to go to use for 12 hours, however, this depends on the flow. If you're having a heavy flow, you might want to take out the menstrual cup to empty and reinsert it after emptying and washing.

Using a menstrual cup over 12 hours could only increase the risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS). The risk of TSS associated with a menstrual cup is globally very low. But one might get TSS if used for a prolonged period. So it is highly recommended not to use a menstrual cup for 24 hours.

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Modified on 24 Oct, 2019

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