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Top 10 condoms online in india

Top 10 Best Condoms in India

With so many customers who are curious generally ask questions like, "what are the best condoms in India" or "what are the best condom brands to use".....Choosing the Best condom from so many different types of condoms in India, their styles and condom brands can be tough and truly challenging. We decided to write this article in the hope of explaining what you would need to know to about the top 10 condoms in India and the most suitable condom brands for you and your partner. After all, condom brands are almost similar to shoes or hats, they fit everyone different. So if you have ever asked a question "how do I choose the best condom?” the below script might be just what you've been looking for. Condoms come in different brands and varieties, such as Kohinoor Xtra Time Condoms, Durex Extended Pleasure Condoms (Durex Extra Time Condoms), Kamasutra SKYN Non-latex Condoms, Moods Dotted Condoms, KamaSutra Long Last Condoms, Skore Flavoured Condoms, Kamasutra Honeymoon Pack, Manforce Flavoured Condoms, Okamoto Super Thin. These condoms are ranked as the top 10 best condoms in India during 2018.

1. Kohinoor Xtra Time Condom

Kohinoor Condom is one of the best extra time condom brands in India. It came into the market when there was a little rivalry. Kohinoor condom comes with a snug fit & it is shaped anatomically. Uses a blend of ribs and dots for additional sensation if you are keen on using dotted products then this plan is for you. It’s bulbous shape is made to give more excitement and extra pleasure. This condom is dermatologically tested and can be considered as a complete protection against pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

Kohinoor condom brand is owned by Reckitt & Benckiser India. Every condom is stringently tested for the highest and the best quality condom standards. Kohinoor condom brand is by far the most popular and it is the most loved condom brand among young couples. Known for its extensive variety of condoms to suit the tastes and preferences of millions across the world. Enhance your intimacy of the most intimate moments with Kohinoor, we especially recommend this product for its exotic features. Kohinoor condoms are not just well lubricated but is also made of top-quality latex material. One of the most famous features about Kohinoor condoms is the much sought after the aroma. Kohinoor brand has different kinds of condoms in India that one may actually ask for, especially the fastest moving & most popular the 'Extra Time & More Pleasure'. Kohinoor condom comes in numerous different varieties and at the best price with no compromise on the best quality condoms. These condoms, with their improved fragrance, flavour and make; promise you an enjoyable and an incredible ride while providing the same level of reassurance and protection as a regular condom.

2. Durex Extended Pleasure Condoms( Extra Time Condoms)

As we all are aware, Durex is the World’s No.1 condom brand and it is the latest condoms in market. With more than 80 years of experience in manufacturing condoms, one can rest assured knowing that every single condom is a product of a process that has been thoroughly tried and tested. All the condoms are made of the finest quality raw materials, which are electronically tested, and every batch being inflated with air to test their strength. From ribbed and dotted to flavoured, extra thin, and extended pleasure, discover the most skillfully designed range of condoms that will boost your sexual experience. These condoms, in particular, contain a special climax-control lubricant, benzocaine, that helps him last longer while providing the same level of reassurance and protection as a regular condom. With over 97 years of experience, Durex is much trusted by millions of lovers around the world daily. Extended pleasure condoms assist men to prolong sexual intercourse by delaying the ejaculation. Premature ejaculation condoms are the high-quality condom and most popular amongst both men who appear to have a problem with premature ejaculation and with those who just wish to make intercourse last longer. Extra time condoms delay the ejaculation by chemically numbing the sensitivity. Durex doesn't just meet worldwide condom standards; but exceeds them, giving you the confidence to love the sex you have. If used appropriately, Durex condoms can help reduce the risk of transmission of many sexually transmitted infections as well.


3. KamaSutra SKYN Non-Latex Condoms

KamaSutra has a history dating back to 1905 when they first started making condoms in Richmond Australia. Today Kamasutra is a Global leader in the sexual wellness sector, comprising extensive types of condoms in India, personal lubricant and other related products. KamaSutra SKYN Non-Latex Condoms are soft, comfortable and incredibly sensitive. If you ever wanted to join a revolution, here is your chance. Made from SKYNFEEL™, a non-latex soft material that you’ll find barely noticeable but as strong as premium latex, Lubricated with long-lasting ultra-smooth lubricant and ideal for people with latex allergies or latex sensitivity. KamaSutra is among the top 3 best condom brands in India with the leading latex brands such as KamaSutra®, Manix®, Unimil®, Blowtex®, Jissbon® and others, as well as the fast-growing, highly-innovative non-latex condom brand SKYN®. SKYN believe that intimacy is the true enhancer of sexual pleasure and that people shouldn’t have to compromise between safe sex and great sex. So, they created an innovative technology called SKYNFEEL™: an ultra-thin and soft material designed to experience the full sensual experience of intimacy.

4. Moods Dotted Condoms

Moods condoms is a high quality condom brand trusted by many people. Moods condom brand is manufactured by HLL. HLL is India’s largest condom manufacturer and the ads for this brand generated a whirlpool with raunchy models and express lovemaking scenes that made people believe how powerful these really were! The flavoured condoms and long lasting condoms amongst the Skin range became the most popular. Moods Dotted condoms heighten the pleasure and increase the moment of joy and pleasure.

These high quality condoms are moulded especially with super dots on the outside to enhance one’s sexual feelings and elatedness helpful to increase the stimulation. Dotted texture steps up the level of excitement like never before.

Flavours: Chocolate, Coffee, Fruit Flavored and Aloe flavours.

KamaSutra Honeymoon Pack

The word Honey refers to your sweetheart & the word Moon signifies fantasies, meaning that, this KamaSutra Honeymoon pack is a real treasure for lovers to explore their fantasies, with its intensely passionate assortment of condoms from various types of condoms in India (seven different types of condoms) like dotted condoms and extra time condoms to various flavours of condom, with disposable bags for all the condoms, for an easy and convenient disposal and with accessories for fun to make it an unforgettable night. So what you waiting for! Pack up for your honeymoon with our most delightful pack filled with a lot of surprises. This is one of the top 5 best condoms online in India. KamaSutra Honeymoon Pack is especially for newly married couples. KamaSutra Honeymoon pack is the excellent combo with different varieties of condoms that suits the requirement of the couple who are ‘honeymooning’ or the couples who would like to try with various kinds of condoms.

A Passionate Assortment

Apart from bringing to you a world of increased senses and unbound pleasure, this honeymoon pack will also provide you with maximum protection. This pack comes to you with 24 assorted condoms of different textures and flavors, 24 disposable bags, 1 keychain, 1 feather teaser, 1 satin blindfold and 1 scented gel candle. Don’t think twice add this KamaSutra Honeymoon Surprise pack to your lovemaking arsenal and surprise your newly wedded wife on your honeymoon.

Skore Condoms Multiple Variety combos

Think about the '60's, not accurately the time when people thought too much about contraception. That’s when TTK Protective Devices Limited (formerly TTK – LIG) made its way in & redefined the Indian outlook. TTK PDL, the pioneers of the condom manufacturing and marketing in the country is into the condom business since the 1950s and has pioneered various breakthroughs in the industry. Skore is TTK's trophy product and a brand that is very quickly becoming popular with couples across India. Skore is a refreshing and stylish brand that fits in with the changing socio-cultural trend in the country and with the increasing awareness of safe relationship among the youth. It brings to you a very exciting and interesting range consisting of Coloured, flavoured, dotted and climax delay condoms. Especially to the youth, Skore, with its exciting range of products, makes the practice of safe sex not just easily doable, but easily enjoyable too.



7.Kamasutra Long Lasting Condoms

KamaSutra’s purpose is passionate but simple - to be the very antithesis of discord by helping lovers create joyful experiences of intimacy. Through the giving and receiving of love, physically and emotionally healthier human beings emerge, and the world undoubtedly reap the rewards. They are dedicated to the wellbeing both body and spirit. The luxurious formulas are not just for lovemaking but they are designed with the health and the beauty of the skin in mind, and to heighten sensual awareness. Elegant textures and irresistible scents are the hallmark of the Kama Sutra products. Kissable flavours making love sweet indeed. The company continues to refine its products and introduce new ones at the speed of lightning periodically. KamaSutra’s long-lasting condoms have brought to you an exceptionally reliable product that has recorded the first highest sales number worldwide after Durex condoms. They are long-lasting and simple to put on as they are named.

Kamasutra Longlast Condom comes to you with a world of  Benefits:

  • Odourless lubricant

  • 100% protection from STDs

  • Contains Benzocaine for long-lasting lovemaking

  • Uniquely designed for greater stimulation

  • Mild and gentle on the skin

  • Sought after fragrance

  • Electronically tested

  • Easy and comfortable to wear



8.Skore NotOut Climax Delay Condoms

Let the fun and games never end. Skore not out climax delay condoms are made from the finest natural rubber latex and it contains extra climax delay lubricants and 1500 raised dots. Its specially formulated lubricant delays climax for men and keep you going on and on. While raised dots make every second special for her. Climax-delay condoms have been for long regarded as a male pleasure device but Not Out vibrantly disrupts this notion. Typically, this product promises extended love-making sessions.“Not Out does not see a sexual encounter as an end in itself. Instead, it sees one as a beginning”



9. Manforce Flavoured Dotted Condoms

Constant endeavor to elevate pleasure with protection in lovemaking is what Manforce have always been working towards and thrive on. With years of expertise in manufacturing condoms, it's perfectly safe to say that every single Manforce condom is the outcome of a process that's tried and tested. Our exciting range of condoms promises to take lovemaking to incredible heights of ecstasy. In our own unique way, we appeal to all enthusiastic lovers to have only protected sex, always. Manforce condoms are most loved among the young and the old excessively owing to the wild and wide range of flavours, varieties and textures that take your partner's excitement to the next level. Manforce has the largest collection of flavoured condoms ever! 

10. Okamoto Super thin Condom

Okamoto Industries, Inc. have developed their own technologies that have enabled them to manufacture products of the highest quality since their foundation in 1934.Their mission is to continue manufacturing products to provide comfort and convenience to the lives of consumers. During Okamoto's history spanning more than 70 years, they have gained the experience of many changing generations.Throughout these years, they realized that they must strive to earn their customers' confidence in their technologies.




These three factors are the hallmarks of an enjoyable life.Bringing these factors to customers requires technological and inspirational strength and their ability to excel in both of these is the core of Okamoto. Okamoto continues to grow internationally at the speed of lightning.

OKAMOTO has been pursuing and challenging "Nothing-like" feelings over 80 years with the belief that the essential factors for the feelings are "Thinness" & "Softness". In addition to these factors, needless to say, "Safety" is the most important factor for condoms.

Super Thin

OKAMOTO has been manufacturing very thin latex condoms and polyurethane condom which conform to the requirements of ISO 4074:2002.


One of the unique features of Okamoto condom is it’s "even thickness." Although some manufacturers recently appeal thinness of their condoms like "0.03mm" or "thinnest," it actually means only a thin point (normally the bottom of a condom).However, on the other hand, Okamoto's condoms are evenly thin from the open end through the middle to the closed end that makes it one of the world’s best condom brand ranked in the top ten categories of the most popular condom brand in India and worldwide.

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