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Type of condoms recently launched in india

Type of condoms recently launched in india

Durex Air Ultra Thin Condoms

Durex India had recently launched the latest condoms online that are in trend like an ultra-thin condom - Durex Air Condom. This is one of the best thinnest condom lists in India. Durex Air condoms are designed to feel like a natural, while transparent ultra-thin latex helps highlight sensitivity. You won’t feel that your wearing condom whenever you wearing this since it is an extra thin condom. It gives you for greater sensitivity, intimacy while providing a high level of protection.

Product Features

  • India's best thinnest condoms by Durex Ultra Thin, Extra Sensitive Condoms
  • Lubricated for extra sensitivity
  • 100% electronically tested and dermatologically tested.
  • Straight walled and teat ended natural rubber latex condoms that smell is good.
  • Length: 180mm (min) and width 53 ±2 mm



Durex Feel thin condoms

Everyone who uses condoms uses it mainly to avoid STDs and to prevent pregnancy. But, everyone despises the smell of plastic and the "in-between" factor. So, to avoid and overcome this factor, Durex has come out with Feel thin condoms. As the name implies, it is ultra-thin and gives a feather-like feel to the couples.

Kamasutra Skyn Non-Latex Condoms

Kamasutra, being an Indian major manufacturer also had to come out with its own version of the ultra-thin condoms. Hence, they launched the ultra-thin non-latex version of the condom and named it to resemble skin with a typo in it to make it funky. Hence the name Kamasutra Skyn Non-latex condoms.

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KamaSutra Orgasmax Condom

Although this cannot be exactly called a condom, it is used for a similar purpose. This is mixed condoms of Ribbed and Dotted and Climax delay, contoured condoms. Set the pleasure levels to Max with Kamasutra OrgasMax. Its unique 4-in-1 feature with drive her wild with desire and help you prolong the orgasmic pleasure. Dotted, Ribbed contoured and with Climax Delay properties. Its got it all so you can give it all. This is dual-textured condoms enhanced with active ingredient Benzocaine 4.5%. It gives a dotted texture outside it. It increases the diameter of the penis, when worn, which will increase the grip and increased pleasure from women. This best dotted condom in India comes with an internal adhesive coating which gives a sensual feeling to men as well. 

Durex Extended Pleasure

Durex Extended Pleasure is mainly to increase the longevity of intercourse. It contains a bit of benzocaine inside the teated end. Benzocaine makes the tip of the penis little numb because of which the sensation gets subsided. It results in a delay of ejaculation. Additionally, if you wish to extend the climax more effectively, then buy delay lubes to achieve the extended climax. 

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Modified on 18 Sep, 2019

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