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I-sure ovulation strip - An overview

Purpose of I know

An easy to use single step ovulation detection kit.  Predicts the most fertile days of a woman with 99% accuracy.

To become a mother is every woman's dream. I-know gives you the much-needed help in getting pregnant. It helps you in knowing the right time to increase your chances of getting pregnant. I-know is the best way of ensuring that you increase your chances of getting pregnant by knowing your ovulation time i.e. the time when the egg is released, thus knowing your fertile period and plan your time of intercourse during this predetermined fertile phase. It is a one-step quick test to detect the Luteinizing Hormone which is released during ovulation so that you can be prepared to take the step to motherhood.


When is the best time to plan intercourse when you get a positive result with the i-know test?

To maximise the chances of getting pregnant, it is best to plan intercourse on the day when your I-kno test is positive and successively 2 to 3 days after it. These days are the most fertile period in the women’s cycle, as the ovulation starts for the woman. During ovulation, the egg is released and for a woman to get pregnant it must be fertilised by a sperm within 24 hours of its release i.e. ovulation. Thus, there is a “24 hour” fertile window in each month for any woman.
Having sexual intercourse in this period can substantially increase her chances of getting pregnant.

Can Fertility pills hamper the working of i-know?

Yes, fertility drugs may interfere with the test outcomes and give false positive results. As fertility pills tend to initiate the ovulation process, so there are high chances of getting false results. 

How effective is I-know ?

I know predicts the results with an accuracy of 99%. It detects LH i.e. Luteinizing Hormone in urine and gives you results of your Ovulation time. Wen used according to directions, is as effective as invasive laboratory tests to predict the ovulation period. To get the best results, testing should be used continuously for 5 to 7 days.


How does I know work?

I know detect the LH i.e. Luteinizing Hormone in urine and gives you the results of your ovulation time. It detect the LH concentrations at or above 20 to 40 mlU/mL. I-kno, when used according to directions, is as effective as any invasive laboratory tests to predict the ovulation period. 

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