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Tips to conceive faster & better with right test kits

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Tips to conceive faster & better with right test kits

Make up your thought to get pregnant, immediately that you have planned and you wish it happens as soon as likely. However, do not get impatient if it needs time. There are a couple of things you should perform and some things that you should avoid to increase your chances. Follow the tips to get pregnant a baby faster

1. Keep track of your fertile days

Knowing your cycle is the most important thing one should consider if you need to get pregnant fast. It gives you a fair idea about your ovulation cycle and when is the best time to conceive. A mucus-like watery discharge and changes in cervical mucus can be a good indication of ovulation.

To know when you need to have sex to conceive a baby it is crucial that you keep a track of your most fertile times. This is not an easy job and would call for some attention from your side. In the urban setting, most females tend to have abnormal cycles with all the stress of staying ahead in the competitive world while striving hard to achieve a work-life balance. To check on your most fertile days keep track of your menstrual cycles at least for a couple of months. Here are a few more tips to keep track of your ovulation. Buy ovulation test kit and use them to track your ovulation & pregnancy dates accordingly. We recommend using best ovulation test kit in India - i know ovulation test kit

2. Get a pre-pregnancy checkup

Our bodies are unique and some of us might have birth defects like spina bifida. Don't panic! Get a checkup done before you start trying for pregnancy and ask your doctor for prenatal vitamins containing folic acids. It protects you from those birth defects and makes you sexually healthy enough to conceive.

3. Here is how you can do it

In most cases, if a female has abnormal cycles it could last for both for 26 days (short cycle) or 32 days (longer cycle).
Subtract 18 from the number of days of your shortest cycle. For e.g., if your shortest cycle is 26 it would be 8.
Subtract 11 from the number of days of your longest cycle. For e.g., if your longest cycle is 32 it would be 21.
Circle the dates on your calendar that fall between the first and second cycle days you calculated. For, e.g., in this case, it would be the days from 7 and 22 i.e. 7th day after your periods to the 22nd day of the cycle. Now, these are the days when you should try for conception.

4. Try and avoid stress

Stress among other problems makes conception difficult for you. It not only intervenes with female fertility but also disrupts male fertility. It leads to decreased egg production in women and reduces sperm count in males. Keeping stress at bay should be your primary motive while trying for a baby.

Here are three ways of how stress interferes with your conception. Stress can be a nemesis to not only mental health but also physical health. Causing performance anxiety in men, stress can hinder the conceiving process. In order to avoid stress, indulge in activities that soothe you. Be it through music, meditation or any breathing exercise; get rid of that stress and notice the difference.

5. Lying down after sex

This might sound a bit futile but it really works. Lying down in the bed after sex for about 10-15 minutes eases the movement of sperm entering the cervix. Also, avoid going to the shower during this course and let that sperm flow easily.

6.Shun your vices

Planning a pregnancy while indulging in smoking and drinking along with heavy intake of caffeine can come in the way of conception. This is because nicotine and alcohol affect both male and female fertility adversely. Caffeine doesn’t spare you from the same either.

7.Reduce weight

Though it might sound totally irrelevant, decreasing even a light weight can make a huge difference. If considerably obese, one must try to shed some weight as it will ameliorate the chances of conceiving.

A balanced diet is one which gives you full nutrition, giving you the adequate amount of proteins, minerals and micronutrients which in turn will help improve your chances of conception. Those who find it difficult to get pregnant can benefit with additional supplementation of micronutrients.

8.Ditch the birth control

Taking birth control pills for a long time can hinder the natural ovulation process. Even after stopping consumption of those pills, your body can take some time to gain that normal hormonal level. Consult your doctor regarding the birth control method you have been adopting and the reversal time it might take to get the ovulation process back.

9.Quit smoking and alcohol

Do you smoke or drink? Quit it right away! It is the worst a woman can do while trying to get pregnant. Also, chuck the intake of caffeine from your diet. Consumption of these items can be your enemy in the process of conceiving.

Boost your chance of conceiving

Now you know when you're most fertile, make the ovulation calculator results work for you and figure out what you need to do to boost your chances of conceiving no matter where you are in your menstrual cycle - and to find out when is the best time to get pregnant in your cycle. If you think that you have conceived finally, get yourself assured of the good news once you  purchase pregnancy test kit and test that gives accurate and faster results.

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Modified on 07 May, 2020

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