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When should I take ovulation test?

When should I take ovulation test?


When should I take the ovulation test?

After you buy ovulation test kits, you should calculate your ovulation days and use it to find out your most fertile day as having intercourse on that day is the easiest way to get pregnant, when you are trying to conceive.

If you are unsure about calculating the exact day of your fertile ovulation day during your several day's long ovulation periods, then you should read this article which describes in detail about the right time to make an ovulation test, to know your most fertile ovulation day.

You should know that you are ovulating when you begin observing your body to feel the below symptoms.

Best time to test ovulation - Major Ovulation Symptoms

A considerable drop in your BBT. The usually consistent Basal body temperature will begin to drop rapidly. (BBT is the lowest body temperature attained during rest, usually during sleep). You should estimate it by a temperature measurement immediately after awakening and before any physical activity has been undertaken. You can buy basal thermometer or buy ovulation test kit which is also a digital thermometer, online in India from Shycart

The position of Cervix

Your cervix will change throughout the menstrual cycle in response to estrogen. When you understand your cervical position, it will be very easy to figure out your fertile period. Normally, the cervix will be in a closed, firm and low state. When you have commenced ovulating and have reached your most fertile period, the cervix would open up and will become soft and will be harder to reach.

Cervical Fluid

Analyzing your cervical fluid will help you in learning about the presence of estrogen in your blood. The cervical fluid must be stretchy and should resemble raw egg white - when the estrogen level is high that is when your body is most fertile.


Cervical Mucus state

What it means to you


Not Fertile


Probably Not Fertile


Possibly Fertile



Egg white

Most Fertile


It's usually calculated with the length of your usual cycle minus 17 days. So, if you usually have a 28-day cycle, begin to test on day 11 and carry on for six days. Use our ovulation calculator to help you work out effectively when your fertile window is likely to be. Also, when you start feeling the above symptoms of ovulation, then you can conclude yourself that you have started ovulating and it is the perfect time to do an ovulation test at home with your Ovulation Test Kits.  

Other signs of ovulation

  • Sensation in the lower belly - You can feel a mild pain below your stomach. While you can’t call that a pain exactly, it would be something similar to that of a strange and different sensation. But, if you feel that it gets very painful and you are unable to ignore the pain, you should immediately consult your physician.
  • Increased senses – You will feel a considerable improvement with your senses such as a smell, taste and vision. You’ll be filled with energy almost all the time. Your breasts will be more tender.

This is exactly the time you have to take an Ovulation test to be accurately sure of the best day of ovulation. You may buy i know ovulation test kits online India at shycart with safe and discreet packaging, delivered at your doorstep quickly.

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Modified on 16 Oct, 2019

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Reda about the first signs of Ovulation
During each monthly cycle, healthy couples who arent using birth control typically have around a 20 percent chance of getting pregnant, though it can vary widely depending on the circumstances. Read about these signs to determine when you could be ovulating
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