10 things not-to-do during your periods

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10 things not-to-do during your periods

Menstruation is the natural process always considered as an important factor for women's strength and robustness during which body can undergo any hormone changes. It greatly contributes by spending more than quarter of the women's life. Mostly women feel annoyed, frustrating and uncomfortable during their periods. Here are few things that should not to be done while you are on your periods.

Avoid In-take of pain killers

The utmost problem needs to be faced during menstruation is cramps and it is caused by the contracting of uterus and shedding its own lining. Mostly women take pills like meftal or ibuprofen to get relief from stomach pain. Few people are additive to pain killers. This could lead to uterus problems in future. An alternative option to prevent cramps is to use oils and massages it on your stomach. Gone are the days people practiced this methodology before the invention of pills.

Avoid salty foods

Try to avoid salty food, sweet, coffee that messes up hormone and leads to puffy Heavy period. You should eat stuffs like fruits such as banana and vegetables with rich in potassium.

Avoid lifting heavy weight

Backbone becomes very weak for every woman during her periods. That’s the reason few women experience back pain due to weakness in the abdomen muscles as well as in their bones. If you lift heavy weight, it tends to cause Heavy flow. Period panties will support your lower abdomen and helps out to relax.

Alter your Pads

You just need to change your pad frequently every three or four hours because of the chemicals used in the product such as special polymer crystals which convert liquid into gel and obviously lead to cancer in the female bladder as well as uterus.

Avoid swimming

If you wear a normal pad while swimming, the pool water tends to cause it become soggy and wet. It could also let your blood to leak into the water.You could use menstrual cup or tampon to catch your blood when you are swimming.

Avoid engaging in any physical activity

You just need plenty of rest and it will keep your body feel good and it helps to relieve from stress as well as heavy flow.

Avoid sports activity

It could make your menstrual cramp and back pain worse and may cause bloating periods. Avoid playing basketball, tennis and shuttle cork during your periods.

Avoid sex during periods

Some women have sexual ride during menstruation even though the process might get into a little messy. It is possible to get pregnant if women having intercourse during this time. Try to avoid sex if you don’t want to get pregnant or use condoms to prevent from birth control.

Take a shower

You should shower and bathe as you regularly do when you having a period. Taking bathe is an utmost importance to every woman to keep her vaginal area to be clean.

Avoid some types of exercise

Exercise is a really good thing that helps to alleviate fatigue, headaches and even make your period shorter but try to keep doing exercise like inverted poses.

Our sincere suggestion is to check out the sustainable menstruation practices. Check out and buy menstrual cup, which are reusable (or) organic sanitary pads and anion sanitary pads.

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Modified on 20 Aug, 2019

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