Why does my breast hurt after pumping?

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Why does my breast hurt after pumping?

Dissemination of Germs

The breasts and nipples may get sore if there is the presence of bacteria and fungus in the prescribed body parts. So make sure the hands and breasts are clean before the process begins. This can cause nipple trauma or other similar problems. Besides, these organisms find breast milk as an ideal environment for their growth and it results in the illness of the baby.

Improperly Fit Flanges

The flange is the part that goes over the breast and the nipples. Make sure the right size flanges are bought and fit over the breasts. Most of the moms use the standard size flanges which come with the breast pump equipment without any knowledge about the various sizes of them.

Small flanges cause sore and nipples whereas large flanges do not suck the milk efficiently. Therefore the right pair of flanges should be chosen for the breasts.

Breast Engorgement

Breast Engorgement is the overswelling of breasts when they are not regularly emptied. This can be caused by the over usage of the pumps. When the breast pumps are used often there is a chance that the hormones start to secrete milk larger than it required. The large scale of milk is stored in the breasts thus causing swollen breasts. Breast engorgement is usually very painful and needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

Wrong Setting of Suction

After choosing the right size of flanges, the speed of the suction should be chosen. High speed of suction doesn’t guarantee a high yield of milk and slow suction speed doesn’t necessarily suck the milk from the nipples. The right speed of suction should be selected by breastfeeding the baby and finding its sucking speed. If the settings are set in a fast mode then there is a high chance of sore and cracked nipples.

Tissue Damages

If continuously used with wrong measures, there is also a possibility of breast and nipple tissue getting damaged. So before using the device by yourself, it is mandatory to check with the product manufacturer, doctor and other experts for a seamless pumping experience. And by the way, tissue damages are excruciating to experience.

So What if Every Solution Fails?

If by all means the solutions you took by yourself failed and the pain continues to endure, it is high time you visit a professional. There are chances that you would have taken the wrong path while finding the right solution for you or there is also a possibility you suffer from nipple trauma. So you should check yourselves with a doctor or a lactation consultant or an experienced woman to make sure you’re okay.

Breastfeeding the infant directly is the best practice. But breast pumps are a great alternative for a full-time working mother who wants to feed her child even in her absence. But it should not affect either of them in the name of side-effects or misdirections. If used as prescribed, breast pumps are the steps towards a greater tomorrow.

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Modified on 11 Jul, 2019

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