Parts of a breast pump

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Parts of a breast pump

Parts of a breast pump

In General, all the breast pumps have in common the Breast shield, Connector, Valve head and Membrane, Collecting bottles, Bottle lid, Calma, Motor unit (for the electric pump).

Breast shield

This connects the breast pump into the breast region to start the pumping action to collect the milk.


This is used to connect the Breast shield with the valve head which makes the flow of mother’s milk into a bottle.

Valve head

It is main part through which the milk gets flowed into bottle.

Valve Membrane

This is the one-way membrane which creates the suction for the action similar to child feeding and the milk flows through the connector into the bottle through this membrane.

Collecting bottle

These bottles are the important one which is used to collect the milk taken using the breast pump

Bottle lid

This special lid will mount the calma which is used to feed the child.


This is an important part through which the baby sucks the milk from the collecting bottle.

Motor unit

This is the motor unit used to reduce/increase the vacuum for the suction and used in all electric breast pumps.

Parts of Symphony double pump set

  1. 2 X PersonalFit™ Breastshield M (24 mm)
  2. 2 X PersonalFit™ Connector
  3. 2 X milk bottle
  4. 2 X silicon tubing
  5. 2 X valve head
  6. 2 X valve membrane
  7. 2 X membrane cap
  8. 2 X protective membrane
  9. 2 X lid with opening
  10. 2 X disc
  11. 2 X protective cap

Rental pump

  1. Bottle holder
  2. Card & Cord Protector
  3. Power cord
  4. Socket for the car connection cable
  5. Case

Mini Electric Breast Pump Parts:

  1. PersonalFit breast shield M (24 mm)
  2. 1x PersonalFit connector
  3. valve head
  4. Bottle,
  5. Bottle stand,
  6. motor unit
  7. valve membrane
  8. Power adapter port
  9. Vacuum regulator
  10. On/off slider Button
  11. protective cap
  12. disc
  13. lid
  14. mains adapter

Swing maxi breast pump parts

  1. 2x PersonalFit™ Breastshield M (24mm)
  2. 2x Freestyle connectors
  3. 2x bottle
  4. 2x bottle stand
  5. Calma Solitaire
  6. Calma multi lid

Tubing support

  1. Short tubing
  2. Long tubing
  3. 1x Swing Maxi tubing
  4. 1x mains adapter
  5. 1x motor unit
  6. On/off button
  7. Let down button
  8. Reduce vacuum
  9. Increase vacuum
  10. Fixing clip
  11. PVC tubing port
  12. Battery compartment
  13. Power adapter port

Overview of LEDs parts signal

  1. lights up -On
  2. does not light up -Off
  3. even, regular flashing -Stimulation phase
  4. light constantly on- Expression phase
  5. rapid flashing -Min./Max. Vacuum

Harmony Pump & Feed Set parts

  1. 1 x PersonalFit™ Breastshield
  2. 1 x 2-component connector
  3. 2 x valve Membrane
  4. 1 x handle
  5. 1 x diaphragm/stem with O-ring
  6. valve head
  7. 1 x bottle
  8. 1 x multi-lid
  9. 1 x valve head
  10. 1 x Calma Solitaire
  11. Bottle
  12. Bottle stand

Swing Breast pump parts

  1. 1x PersonalFit breast shield M (24mm)
  2. 1x 2-component connector
  3. 1x valve head
  4. 2x valve membrane
  5. 1x bottle
  6. 1x bottle stand
  7. 1x sling
  8. 1x Swing storage bag               
  9. 1x Swing tubing

 motor unit parts

  1. On/off button
  2. Let down button
  3. Reduce vacuum
  4. Increase vacuum
  5. Fixing clip
  6. PVC tubing port
  7. Battery compartment
  8. Power adapter port

Overview of LEDs

  1. Lights up -On
  2. does not light up -Off
  3. even, regular flashing -Stimulation phase
  4. light constantly on- Expression phase
  5. rapid flashing -Min./Max. Vacuum

 Calma set

  1. 1x Calma Solitaire
  2. 1x Calma multi lid
  3. 1x mains adapter
  1. Freestyle
  2. 1x motor unit:
  3. Reduce vacuum
  4. Increase vacumm
  5. Mains power indicator
  6. Vacuum level indicator (stimulation phase)
  7. Memory “on” indicator
  8. Let-down button
  9. On/Off button
  10. Vacuum level indicator (expression phase)
  11. Battery indicator
  12. Timer
  13. Memory function key
  14. Freestyle tubing port
  15. Fixing clip
  16. Battery compartment
  17. Power socket
  18. Pushbutton

 Tubing parts

  1. 1x Freestyle Tubing
  2. Short tubing
  3. Tubing holder
  4. Long tubing
  5. 4x disc
  6. 4x lid with opening
  7. 1x Calma Solitaire
  8. 2x Calma multi lid
  9. 2x PersonalFit™ Breastshield M (24 mm)
  10. 2x Freestyle connectors
  11. 1x mains adapter
  1. 4x Bottle
  2. 2x bottle stand
  3. 1x Freestyle bag
  4. 1x cooler bag
  5. 1x cooling element
  6. 1x rechargeable battery
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