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What is BBT Thermometer? and Tips for Using BBT Thermometer

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What is BBT Thermometer? and Tips for Using BBT Thermometer

About Digital Basal Thermometer

First, you understand what is the Digital Basal Thermometer, It allows a female to determine her body temperature for basal body temperature charting purpose. Which is designed especially for fertility charting, the Digital Basal Thermometer the combines pinpoint accuracy with safety and easy to use. Our digital basal thermometer provides a temperature reading to 1/100th of a degree, perfect for fertility charting and predicting ovulation.

By using a BBT thermometer at the same time every day you can get a more accurate reading that is the normal temperature for that time of day. Digital basal thermometer is one of the best basal digital thermometer, which helps to you find out female body's heat. It is the best basal thermometer for ovulation and it gives the best result and accurate reading.

Your body’s temperature can differ throughout the day, getting colder or hotter depending on your activity level and so forth. It is the best to try to test your body temperature at roughly the same time every time day within about 30 minutes of your average testing time to get steady. A basal thermometer is a special kit for ovulation.


Tip to Using BBT Thermometer

Wake up

You get your heat immediately upon waking up, this way your body has not had the chance to the temperature up through moving and talking. Follow your thermometer within simple reach of your bed so that you do not have to push your body too far to retrieve it. If you are going to be using a glass thermometer, remember to shake it down at nighttime before you go to bed.

Everything follows Timing

Work to take your heat at the regular time each and every morning, at least within a 40 – 50 minute period. Set your alert if you want to. Have in mind that even the slightest fluctuation in heat can wreak havoc on your plan. In fact, your temperature can change by up to two degrees per hour. Therefore, it can be higher if you take your temperature later than normal and could be lower if you take it earlier than normal. Do take your temperature after having at least three to five hours of sleep. Sleep deprivation can lead to the increase in body temperature.

Choose a method and placement

Your basal body temperature can be taken orally, vaginally, or rectally. Once you have chosen your method it best to stick with it throughout your cycle. Try to place the basal thermometer in the same location inside your mouth, and at the same depth vaginally or rectally.

Record it

Keep a notepad and pen next to your bed, or better yet, use a graph chart or a basal body temperature chart. Record your temperature every morning and plot it along the graph. Your body temperature should rise between 0.4 and 1-degree Fahrenheit after ovulation, which should make your chart biphasic. So your chart should illustrate low temperatures during your follicular phase before ovulation, then higher temperatures after ovulation during your luteal phase.

Have sex

Although some women will experience a temperature drop right before they ovulate, every woman will experience a rise in their temperature after they have ovulated. If you do see a temperature drop, you should plan on having sex as soon as possible, just in case you are indeed ovulating.

Advantages Of Digital Basal Thermometer

1. No side effects.
2. It is a natural way of calculating your body temperature.
3. You can read out measurements accurately with very soon.


Be it a ovulation test strip or an ovulation thermometer, it is always suggested to buy ovulation test kit online in India or buy ovulation thermometer online in India to test the ovulation day and plan the pregnancy.

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Modified on 26 Aug, 2019

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