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Types of body glides available in shycart

Types of body glides available in shycart

Body glides are nothing but lubricants that play a significant stimulating role in the intercourse. Both the male and the female organs get enough lubrication naturally by the wetness when sexually aroused. This natural moisturizing effect aids and enhances sexual activity. Many people suffer from insufficient moisture or dryness in their genital area. To substitute the dryness and for a better sexual experience, personal lubricants or lubes or body glide are available in the market.

Types of body glide

Shycart features two different and best in the market body glide by Pjur- the legendary manufacturers of world-class quality products that invigorate lovemaking.

Pjur: Woman super concentrated Body Glide 

Specially formulated for the tender and subtle intimate areas of the female. This product works both as a lubricant and massage oil. Regular use of this body glide reinstates the health of the female genetic area. Due to its denser consistency, the wetness and the moisturizing effect lasts longer. It is also proved that this gel works well for women after pregnancy and menopause.

This silicone-based body glide can also be used for a smooth massage on the female parts for very intimate intercourse for both the partners. It leaves a silky soft impact on the skin.

Recommended by the leading sex educator, this product is completely safe and free from harmful perfumes and preservatives. It is one of the best lubricants for its premier quality and you can buy best lubes online in India with assured privacy. Fondly preferred by the woman folks for it is skin-friendly and tempting you for subsequent use.
Every time, a minimum quantity of the glide is sufficient because of the Super concentrated consistency. Non-allergenic,non -toxic, non - sticky and safe to be used with condoms. No traces of fat and animal byproducts. Perfect for daily use since it is completely safe on all types of skin.
Buy Pjur woman concentrated body glide online in India

Pjur: Original Super Concentrated Body Glide

 This product uses an exclusive formula which makes it serve multipurpose as a personal lubricant to enhance pleasure during sex, skin moisturizer, conditioner and a refreshing massage gel. Suitably formulated for both genders. Premium quality with high-grade silicon, clinically tested and safe on skin. Compatible with condoms, stable underwater, non-sticky and non- toxic.
Approved by doctors, dermatologists, and massage therapist, it is perfectly safe for everyday use. On applying it on the intimate areas, the wetness and the lubrication stay for a longer period. A small amount of the lube is enough for single use since it is thicker in nature.
Not only safe but makes the skin soft and silky. Moreover, this gel does not block the pores on the skin. Free from preservatives and animal byproducts. The fragrance and taste are neutral. Non-allergenic and contains no oil and fat. This Original Super Concentrated is known for its best quality and it is an all-in-one formula.
Buy Pjur original body glide online in India
Both the products are available in 30 ml and 100 ml travel safe bottles. The ingredients are Cyclopentasiloxane-used as conditioner lubricant and moisturizing agent, Dimethicone - silicone-based polymer and skin protectant and Dimethiconol - leaves the skin soft and smoothy.
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