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Buy Silicone lube online - Lasting lubrication than usual - No side effects

Shop best silicone based lubricant for sex to enhance the sexual pleasure. Silicone sex gels remains sticky and enhance lubrication longer than other lubricants. Check out the best quality silicone based personal lubricant available online.
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What is Silicone Lubricant?

Silicone lubricant or Silicone based lubricant is an uniquely formulated sex gel which is often found to have less than four ingredients. Most often people confuse that the silicone lubes are no different from water based lubricant. But Silicone based personal lubricant offers a fresh and pleasing feel to its user. Silicone lubes will not be absorbed by the skin or mucous layer around the genitals and as a result of it, significantly helping to last longer. There is immense variety of silicone lubes available online today with varying performance and quality. But not all the silicone lubricants are latex friendly and at the same time silicone lubes have not increased the risk of HIV transmission during physical intercourse.

Advantages of Silicone Lubes

• Silicone lubes never dry and remain sticky and slick for a very long period of time

• Silicone molecules are larger in size they cannot be absorbed through the skin. Because of which, the silicone based lubricants remain sticky longer than usual. Also, it doesn't cause any irritations and allergic reactions. Hence it would be a perfect choice for people with sensitive skin.

• Hundreds of reports suggest that silicone sex gels are pretty safer than water based lubricants as they don't cause any skin abnormalities.

• These silicone based lubricants serve more than one purpose. Yes, they can also be used for body massages, for shaving and as a skin moisturizer.

• Since silicone lubricants will never break in water, they can be used in the shower.

Frequently asked questions about Silicone lubes

What is silicone lubricant price online in India?

There are lot of varieties of silicone lubes available online in India. However, silicone sex gels are not as cheap as water based lubricant. The price of silicone lubricant online in India starts from Rs.999.

When to use Silicone Lubricants?

The silicone lubes should be used even before sex. This is because of the fact that, at times, women may find hard to maintain their own lubrication. So it is highly recommended to use the silicone lube before sex or before penetration according to your convenience.

Can they be used for self-pleasure?

Yes, silicone lubricant can be used for self-pleasure purpose. There is no harm in using the silicon sex gel since it does not harm the skin.

Can it be used during vaginal intercourse?

Yes, silicone lubes can be used during vaginal intercourse since it is considered as the best lube for sex. Once people start using silicone lubes, they will not use anything else. But be aware of the fact that the silicone lubricants are hard to wash and sometimes cause irritation in the vagina for those who have sensitive skin.

Can they be used for anal intercourse?

Yes. Unlike the vagina, there won't be any internal lubrication in the anal area. Hence it is suggested to use silicone lubes for anal intercourse.

Can it be used for oral sex?

It is completely subjective. But one must know that silicone lubes doesn't taste good.

Can it cause yeast infections?

No, silicone sex gel doesn't cause any yeast infection. Because yeast infection is mainly caused due to sugar-based ingredients which in turn creates a breeding ground of yeast.

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