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Can pre-seed prevent pregnancy?

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Using regular lubes that are not fertility friendly may be harmful to sperm and does not support the sperm journey to the egg. It is not a good choice to use lubes that are not fertility-friendly while trying to conceive. Using the wrong lubricant might adversely affect sperm by reducing the ability of sperm to move freely and actively. If the lubricant does not support the sperm journey to the egg, the sperm cannot reach the egg and fertilize. As a result, the chances of pregnancy are low. Fertility lubes for women are specially designed to create a sperm-friendly environment that supports the sperm movement. 

Preseed Fertility Friendly Lubricant 

Couples use lubes to increase comfort during intercourse. Now with the increased awareness and availability of fertility-friendly lubes online, couples trying to conceive are opting for the best lubes that are sperm friendly and increase the chances of pregnancy. Preseed is FDA-approved, pH-balances, isotonic, glycerine free and is considered to be safe to use when trying to conceive a baby. Buy preseed online and have sex more frequently during the fertile days to have a successful pregnancy. 


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Modified on 31 Aug, 2022

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