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Top selling pjur lubes

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Top selling pjur lubes

Pjur is one of the world's best personal lubricants that make the way for bliss at bedroom times for young couples. It is ideal for the erogenous zones for both of the partners and it comes with a wide range of products such as silicone lubesWater-based lubricants and buy lubes of exciting types online which are built with superior quality and ensured safety. 

Pjur Original:

It is a silicone-based lubricant built with super-concentrated ingredients to provide skin on skin glide. Pjur original is long-lasting and doesn't absorb into the body or rub away with friction. It enhances your sexual pleasure and moreover, it is ideal for body massages and relaxes the muscle. It is recommended to use water-based lubes with silicone toys because few silicon-based lubes might damage silicone toy when used together.

Pjur Aqua:

Pjur Aqua is one of the premium water-based lubricants and compatible with sensitive skin as it is not composed of fats, perfumes or oils. It is directly absorbed into the skin and adds it leaves no sticky mark after applied on the skin.

Pjur Women:

Pjur woman has been designed especially for women who have soft and sensitive skin as it doesn't contain perfumes and any other preservatives. It provides heightened intimacy and personal pleasure even if the moisture of your mucous membrane is out of balance due to stress, childbirth, etc.,

Pjur Backdoor relaxing anal glide:

It is Silicone-based lubes and mainly designed for anal sex to relieve from sex discomfort and pain. It promises well slippery and reduces friction. It ensures keep you healthy and really amazing worth product.

Pjur Analyse:

These lubes are suited for anal play and it helps the skin to be relaxed during intercourse. It is an ideal product that applied in the anal area and it makes your skin more elastic.

Pjur Basic:

This product has a high concentration and long-lasting lube. It is basically similar to Pjur original, but it is not used for the purpose of massage.

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